1 Chapter 1: First Meet

"Sylvie, Can you please give me a coffee" that was my boss, Bostin. I turned my gaze into him. He’s wearing a black tuxedo that suits his tanned skin.

I immediately stood up "Yes, I will" I immediately went to the coffee area to get him a coffee. After that, I went back again to give him his coffee. He nodded at me while accepting the coffee. I curved my lips into a smile.

I went back to my seat to start my report. It's really hard for me to finish the report on the given deadline because I need to take care of my mother. She's just alone in our house while waiting for me and every day that I need to leave her for my work, it's hard.

"These are the papers that you need to retype Sylvie" my workmate gave me the bundle of papers. She smiled at me to cheer me up.

"Can you finish that in one week, Sylvie?” our head said.

That’s why I love my work here. They are very caring. They did give me a bunch of things to do but it’s not for them, it’s for me. To increase my salary.

I smile at her "Yes, ms. I can" while nodding my head. I arranged the papers so it will not be hard for me later. I put them beside my table.

The next thing I knew, I was on the bus while my earphone was on my ears. I'm currently listening to my favorite band song. Thinking that my bias was beside me while we are both looking at the wind.

The bus stop and I need to get down, of course. I walk until I arrive at our house. When I'm finally in front of our house I push the doorbell button. I wait until my mom opens the door "Hi mommy I'm home!" I hug her tightly

"How's your work today?" She said while still hugging me. She's really caring and so sweet.

"Great yet stressful" I laughed a bit. We loosen our hug. I miss her even if we are just apart for an hour.

"You should rest now" she slowly pulled me to go on our sofa "Look, I cook your favorite" she showed me my favorite viand, fried chicken. Every time I went home she would always surprise me with my favorite food. I think it’s her hobby.

The next thing I knew, I was in the store. Buying a new laptop because my old laptop got broken a while ago. I accidentally miscarried it while doing my report. That's why it's broken now. How clumsy! Fortunately, the reports I have made have been saved on my flash drive

"How much is this?" I asked the girl then to show her the laptop

She looks at the laptop that I'm currently showing to her "$1000, ms" she answered. I decided to buy that laptop becauseI have nothing to use.

After that, I go to the nearest coffee shop here which is Starbucks "1 Iced Americano please" I ordered. For me to be awake. I don't want to be sleepy while doing it especially to sleep here.

While I was busy doing my report, unexpected things happened. One guy trip while holding his coffee and guess what, her coffee was slop on my laptop. I was so shocked because I just bought it. What do I do now?

My eyebrow furrowed "Oh my gosh!" I shouted because of shockness. He is trying to wipe my laptop and flash drive to fix it but that doesn't work! I need to pass my presentation next week! What an unlucky day!

"I’m sorry, I will just buy a new one ms, I'm sorry," the guy said. I didn’t know what to react to. I will be shy if I agree. It’s because I’m not comfortable when someone is buying things for me. I know it is his responsibility because that was his mistake but still, I will be timid.

"No need, I will just fix it" I gave him an awkward smile while shaking my right hand. I have many things to do, I need to go to the fixer immediately.

"Why? It’s my fault that’s why I’m doing this.” he looks confused. He took the laptop ”Let’s go” he said ”I’m sorry again, ms”

I shook her head "It’s okay" I said and gave him a small smile."I'm going to withdraw" I nodded then sat down and waited for him to come back. When he is finally back he sat beside me. "Let's buy" he pulled my hand.

When we are finally in the store, the girl recognized me "It's you again ms" she smiled at me. I smiled back at her. "What are you going to buy again ms?" She asked

"I'm the one who's gonna buy for her," the man beside me said. I just realized that I don't know his name yet. He doesn't know my name too anyway so that's fair.

"What's your name, sir?" The girl asked while looking at him.

Before he answers her question he looks at me first then looks again at the girl "Zayden Austin" he answers with his deep voice. The girl types something on her phone. "By the way, why are you asking?" Zayden Austin asked.

The girl laughed a bit "I will add you on instagram" she showed his phone. At first, I thought she was joking but when I finally saw it clearly, She is telling the truth, I laughed with her.

Zayden Austin just smiles at her. "What is your cheapest laptop here?" I asked to bring the main reason why we are here.

When the girl was about to talk, Zayden Austin talk first. "You mean the most pricey laptop here?" my eyes widened

When the girl was about to say something again, I talked first "I don't need a pricey laptop, I just want something that I can use for every day"

After that, I just bought again the laptop that I buy a while ago "$10-

"$1000" I'm the one who continued what she was trying to tell us. I looked at Zayden Austin "Let's pay half" but he immediately gives the money to the girl.

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