1 Chapter 1 [SAM]

Somehow her presence brought a chill down my spine. The house was supposed to be empty; the meaningless rumors weren't supposed to be true. My eyes were surely deceiving me.

Was my mind playing games with me?

She leaned against the crooked door as I took a step back. No one should be here, I reminded myself again. My hands shook from fear. Face to face with a ghost? I don't remember reading a guide book about it. I don't even know how to react. I can't speak nor make a sound; my voice was practically dysfunctional. It was not a good time.

A thin, long piece of wood like one of the legs of a chair lay an inch away. My hands were tempted to pick it up and throw it at her. Maybe that would've been a good distraction….. But what would a mere piece of wood do? What if she ducked or my aim was horrible? But then from what I know, even if my aim was good, it would go right through her.

"What do you think you're doing?"

I blinked.

For a second there I thought I was hallucinating. I didn't think there was supposed to be a voice other than mine and mine was stuck. I looked around just to be sure. Nothing was seen. I wasn't expecting anything either. The voice wasn't supposed to be there. It was just so out of the picture.

I looked back at the spirit that now bored her eyes on me. She twitched. Her slim long hands raised and I could see how pale they were. Her veins were popping out, which at that moment, did not struck me as bizarre. But they flowed through her arm like green rivers. It was rather odd to watch them but I was very curious. They were on her neck too. Her skin was just too subtle or pale as I said before.

She was wearing a tattered old dressed that seemed like a hundred years old. Her fashion is so outdated, my brain told me. Stop, just stop, I answered back, this is not the time!

Her ocean blue eyes were pretty captivating. I could stare at them forever but the way they watched every single move I made was rather unsettling. I did not want to stare back at her but my eyes were too stubborn to move. I wanted to just jump off the open window from across the room but my legs wouldn't budge. I was stuck. Why is everything about me so stuck?!

"Didn't I just ask you a question?"

I didn't know what to say. Everywhere I looked something felt odd about the whole situation. My body was still paralyzed and was too stubborn to listen to me. I wanted to move so badly but I had nothing else to do. The voice that appeared out of nowhere had started haunting me and I was pretty sure that the entity in front of me would be my worst nightmare. I was too young to die out of madness. I was only seventeen years old. Why must my life end like this?

I felt my life flash in front of me. It was a matter of time before I got possessed and I hope I don't come back to my real self. I wouldn't want to know all the incidents that I had occurred when I was not myself. Maybe I would wake up in a mental asylum, surrounded by people in handcuffs and shackles, screaming at the top of their lungs and thrashing their arms and legs, trying to break free. Maybe I'll fit right in when I find out all the things I did and maybe I'll go crazy from embarrassment. Who knows?

I tried to speak up. My hands were still shaking. The thoughts that went through my mind were so irrelevant and so fast that I didn't even know if I had already gone mental or not. I really did not know what to do, how to react. She started proceeding towards me, her feet shuffling across the floor board. She practically ignored the massive hole and just drifted over it. I took a step back and tripped and hit the ground. More wood dust. It was a relief that I didn't fall through.

She continued and I backed off. My body was finally listening to me. She continued to close the gap between us. I hit the wall behind me and cowered in front of her as I curled into a ball of fear.

"Do I look that scary to you?"

I nodded frantically. I could see her feet from the gap between my arms. They were the same as her arms, those green veins flowing through. Were they ice-cold like everyone said they were? They seemed to be blue so I just assumed they were.

"Watcha looking at?"

She peeked through the gap and stared straight at me. I yelped and hit my head. Damn, that hurt.

She touched my arm and a chill went through me. My body shuddered.

She pulled back her hand and stepped away. I didn't have the courage to look at her and didn't even want to look at her. I just really wanted to get out of here before anything got worse. My heart beat rapidly and I heard every single one clearly. My hands were still shaking. I want to get out of here…..

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