Kella Raye is my dearest friend of all. We are childhood friends and have been there for each other all over the years. I also admired her gift of being such an excellent painter. 

Speaking of painting, I am in their house and supposed to be hanging out with her like watching some shows and tell her about school but she is in deep concentration with her portraits and paintings. 

I am lying on her bed and she has not even moved an inch from her seat since I got here an hour ago. She did not even greet me! This girl tss.

"I am almost done here Ner. Fix my bed before you leave later." Really?! She does not care for me anymore. My feelings are hurt huhuhu. "You are imagining absurd things again, Ner. Hahahaha wait a little more, I will be done here soon." She even knows what I think, unfair she is always a complex person to me.

True to her words after a few minutes she stands from chair. "Oh finally! She arises from her throne, greet the Royal Highness." And I clapped my hands to make more noises and annoy her. That is what she gets from making me come here early and made me wait hmp.

Kella rolled her eyes on me before wiping her hands with a wet towel to remove the stains of paints. She also fixed her canvas and painting materials. 

"What did you paint this time? I did not see what she painted because she placed it immediately inside the room where she kept all of her paintings. 

"Uhm… I painted my mom and dad. But it is not dry yet so I will just keep it there and show you." Woah, actually she does not have that good relationship with her parents. I am actually shocked that she is inspired to draw her parents. 

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One thing just popped into my mind all of a sudden. "When are you going to make me a portrait? I know I asked you million times and you said that you will but I still wanted to ask you over and overrr until you do it." 

She uttered something under her breath but I did not hear it and she just smiled at me. "Just wait. I will buy a great quality of canvas for you."