"Nerriza…" that voice is like an air lingering in my ears. 

The surface feels cold. Where am I lying? 

First thing that I saw when I opened my eyes were canvases. They are all over the place. I regained my strength and tried to stand up. My hands are captivated as well as my feet. 

"What kind of place is this?" I heard movements of feet getting near me, "Who are you? Please let me out of here." My system began to panic. I have no idea where I am and it looks like I get abducted. 

There was a small voice coming from the right corner of the dark room, "Calm down… This is Kella." Her soft tone would not make you think that she will do this. 

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But her capabilities are unmeasurable. Kella is entirely a different person aside from her appearance. 

"Please let me go… I did not do anything to you." Fear is consuming me, she is terrifying. She is not the Kella I knew. 

She chuckled then the wind came from the little window near the cold surface where I am sitting right now and chained. 

"I cannot make you leave, apologies my friend but I am still deciding on what kind of painting would suit you…" 

No… she can't mean it. She will not draw me in that f*cking canvass of her! 

She just smiled at me like I am a toy that's worth playing. Is this going to be my end?



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