Her Bewitching Smile. Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Her Bewitching Smile.


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Waking up on the day before her life flipped upside down. What will Susan Wang choose? Is it revenge for every pain she experienced or letting go of the past which is yet to happen and live a peaceful life? Without a doubt or hesitation she chose the latter. But what's with this plot twist. Something that wasn't meant to happen is happening and the peace in her life leaves even before she has time to embrace it. Excerpt: His blue eyes staring at her as if , he can unravel every little secret she has been hiding. "Pervet" , she muttered. Inspite of the distance, Ryu clearly heard what she said. He walks up to her , taking her in his embrace and hugged her so tight as if afraid she would vanish . Aerith was taken by surprise and his next actions shook her entire being. Well, uncertainty is the definition of life.


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