1 Chapter 1

Kiara's pov

I turn the lock in the smooth black door and push it open. The foyer is dim, the floor is made up of polished wood and I can hear some noise coming from the other side of the house.

I dont have time to think about that as I have a pile of work to do. Without a second thought, I start washing the oiled of dishes left for me in the sink. And just as I'm in the middle of washing the dishes, I hear the noise again.

Hmm strange: I think to myself. And then it hits me, I've been working here for about two weeks now and I've never met with my employer except from the very few emails we exchanged prior to my employment. When I'm around, he's never around. Maybe he might be the one making this noise. I ignore the noise once again but when I hear a loud crash, I can't help myself.

I dry out my hands on my apron and simultaneously take it off. I then walk towards the room.

"Hello" I call out. "Excuse me?".


I walk towards the door and hesitate. I should turn back and go to the kitchen where I am required to be. Before I was given this job, I was given only one rule; do not wander towards any of the rooms. I can't afford to break the rule now and I really need this job. Being a house keeper doesn't exactly pay a fortune and I'm drowning in student loans, unable to find a decent job and basically living on the edge of homelessness at all times.

But God I guess I'm really stupid.

I twist the door knob and I know that I've broken toe rule, the one single rule. Might as well see it through.

I step in and it takes me a second to understand where I'm in.

its large, plush carpets and ornate draperies and curtains shielding the Ray's of the sun from the lush interior of the room. But on the floor lays broken vases, mugs and clothes strewn across the floor. In a nutshell, the room is completely trashed.

I gasp a little loudly at the mess in the otherwise beautiful rooms.

suddenly someone steps into the room from another door cursing "oh you mother fucker", he says stomping across the mess in the room. "you dumb mother fucker, I hope you rot in hell bastard!". He glares at the phone in his hands and without a second thought, he tosses the phone out through the window. This makes me shriek in horror.

He stiffens, curses and turning around, he finally notices me. I stare at him, this must be my employer, Aidan West. I have never seen him before and I'm most glad I hadn't.

He's not wearing a shirt. It's the first thing I notice. That, and the tribal tattoos across his chest and arms and then his muscles. Gosh this man is ripped and seriously chiseled in that beautiful, perfect, stupidly unbelievable way men can get.

He's lean but well cut and for the first time in my life, I feel my heart race and it's not because of fear.....

The tattoos swirl over his skin, letters and pictures, Making his incredible torso much better.

I finally meet his gaze, he has piercing insanely green eyes. His hair is cropped close and pushed back casually. Its dark brown colour, almost Auburn. He has a beard, well kept and trimmed close. He's handsome, really stupidly handsome, just the right level of pretty to go along with that insanely ripped body.

He cooks his head at me casually, "who the hell are you?".

I open my mouth to speak and nothing comes out, he rolls his eyes and turns around to stare at through the window.

I stand there like a moron. I dont know what to do, He's not telling me to stay neither is he telling me to leave...