Her Bane or Destiny ? Book

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Her Bane or Destiny ?


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Excerpt :- "Let me shield you from the rain, even if I couldn't, then let me soak in the rain with you",we're the words Brian told Lily on that night while shielding her from the rain. 'I don't want anything more than that, more than you!' were the words that stuck in his throat but he couldn't voice them out. Lily looked up, and said, "You want to save me? From rain?" and laughed sarcastically "People who are already drenched, can't be saved. So don't waste your time". And she left. Brian slowly looked at the petite figure walking in the rain and sighed. He left his umbrella on a bench and walked behind her. He was going to stay true to his words, even if he couldn't save her, he'd drench with her. Synopsis - Unlike others, her fight was not with others but with her own. Her own family whom she loved and cherished pushed her into the dark abyss with no return. Lily Jones, was the epitome of an elegant lady with a pure heart, but something changed her forever. Once a sweet little carring girl was now a stone cold hearted woman with now warmth in her heart. Or is it a facade just to shield herself from the vicious world. But even this cold hearted woman had a die hard admirer, Brian Green. The youngest and most respected cardiac surgeon in Country A. Will he be able to thaw the cold heart of lily? Or will he be left with a burn for the rest of his life? Is a love story really possible amongst the two people with opposite personalities, a famous doctor and a fierce businesswoman? What will the fate bring to the lives of one who doesn't believe in love or affection, who only believes that every thing had a price while the other who is the epitome of happiness, who's life depends on love. Will both of them fall in love? Or Fate will play a cruel joke on both of them? Special note:- If you guys are up for a roller coaster ride of emotions then you are welcome to the story of Lily Jones and Brian Green. No usual plots but a simple story of two people who will go to lengths just to be together.