1 Having an affair with the Beta

"I'm 6. You still treat me like a baby!" The boy stubbornly remarked, a dead pan expression on his face.

The blood running down his nose was unnoticed because she was occupied with wiping the one running down the side of his arm.

He winced at the sting of the hydrogen peroxide against his open flesh and backed away.

"Sit still, would you," She hissed at him.

"I'm 11. That makes me older; so you have to listen to me."

"You made me look so stupid out there. You know he started the fight and you just let him go." He pouted.

She ignored him, sighed when she noticed the blood running down his nose, and pushed the wet napkin up his face, scrubbing hard.

Daniel pushed it away irritably, but she was done and proceeded to pack up the things back into the first aid box.

"This is the second time this week you're getting into a fight." She pointed out, leaning down to be of his height.

When he didn't speak, she continued.

"Alpha Damien would like to speak to you later in the evening. One more fight and he's sending you away to another pack."

The boy fell speechless.

"Dad's abandoning me?"

"No. He's sending you to the Moon Howler's Pack. His best friend's the Alpha there so he'll take you under his wings and ensure you're well taken care of and taught some manners while you're there."

"But I don't want to leave the Dark Risers's pack. It's been my home ever since! Daddy's so cruel."

"Then maybe you shouldn't get into trouble anymore." The girl quietly remarked and made to leave, but he held her from behind, hugging her waist with his small hands which didn't make any improvement of wrapping around her legs.

Naomi blinked in surprise before turning around, but he still didn't let go of her.

"If Dad makes me go away, does that mean I won't see you again?"

She sighed.

"I suppose so Daniel."

"But you're my best friend. We'll go together." He demanded in his cute babish voice.

She sighed helplessly again and hid a pained smile.

She would be devastated at the thought of him going away, but could she defy the Alpha's orders and risk her head?

"Daniel," She called softly, leaning down again so that they were face to face; of the same height. She rubbed the thick mass of black curls on his head, ruffling it with a forced smile. "Remember, you're on probation. He's giving you one last chance, okay? Just don't get into any more trouble, and you can stay here. Would you do that for me?"

He nodded without a thought and she smiled again, reaching up to place a kiss on his cheek.

She tucked him in bed and left, shutting the door behind her before exhaling.

As she made her way to the kitchen to finish up with her duties of washing the dirty dishes, she stumbled on the head Omega.


Just the name could bring a bad taste in her mouth.

She was the most unbearable and most obnoxious person to ever encounter, and it was bad enough she was working in the Alpha's mansion with her, Annaliese was suddenly made Head Omega by the Beta who she was obviously indulged in an affair with.

It didn't go unnoticed by the other Omegas but they dared not say a word about it.

Naomi of course was the youngest Omega in the Alpha's mansion, and was too innocent and naïve to have understood why she was given a higher position despite her unruly behavior.

"And where did you crawl out from?" Anna demanded, her head lifted high like she was the master around, a look of disdain in her eyes as she looked at the pretty girl before her

Her heart almost wrenched out in jealousy and still did whenever she saw Naomi who was so far the most beautiful she-wolf she had ever set her eyes on.

Anna who wasn't used to being oppressed with beauty hated her on first sight.

"I was tending to Daniel's wounds." She simply replied, keeping her head down, not daring to face her- for fear of being punished again.

Anna nodded reluctantly.

Of course, they all knew the Alpha's son was involved in a tedious fight with the Beta's twins just moments ago.

"Well, those dishes aren't going to wash themselves. The sooner you finish your work, the earlier you can go back to sleep and resume work again tomorrow."

Naomi bit her lip and nodded.

She made to walk past Anna but she moved left, voluntarily blocking her way.

She made sure no space was left between them as she leaned to whisper.

"Trying to crawl into the Alpha's bed by using his son will only get you locked up in the dungeons. You are aware of that, aren't you child?" Then she walked away with a sneer, leaving Naomi to stand there and process her words.

Of course, she couldn't still make anything out of it and went off to wash the dishes.


Naomi made her way to her room which she shared with at least a dozen other Omegas.

Annalise slept on the third floor which was the Beta's floor, but usually comes to sleep down here when the Beta's wife was back from vacation, work and other necessary trips.

Her side of the room, specially chosen by Annaliese, was a damp area beneath the window. There was nothing much but for a scruffy old blanket with a greek key design, a bunch of her clothes substituted as a pillow and a small case which contained a few trinkets of hers.

Daniel had never been to this part of the mansion.

Even If he happened to see the state she was in, he'd be too naïve to understand why she was sleeping on the ground while he slept on a nice cozy bed.

She was careful to manoeuver her way around the room till she got to her 'bed'.

Her gold chestnut colored hair was pulled up in a messy bun, and she rubbed the bridge of her nose a few times before going to sleep.

And she saw herself in that weird dream again...

She had been having these dream- nightmares for a week now.

As an orphan with an 6-year old as a best friend and nobody to rely on, she kept them to herself.

She had planned on visiting a witch around to interpret the dream, or a Shaman.

But she didn't have enough money to feed herself...

How could she possibly visit a Shaman.

And witches. They might ask for things in return like gold or some prized possession which she knew she didn't have.

The only prized thing she had so far was her life.

In her nightmares, she was running,

She couldn't tell if she was chasing someone or running from someone but she was running so fast, the trees in the forest looked like a blur to her.

She had blood all over her face and arms.

Was the blood hers or someone else's?

That she didn't know.

And each time she ran, she ran into a dead end in the dream, she would stop at the edge of a cliff and when she turned, someone would push her.

She couldn't see the person clearly because it happened so fast, but she could tell it was a male only by looking into those deep metro blue eyes of his that held her sapphire blue orbs captive even as she fell to her death in the dream. 

Then she'd wake up, panting and sweating buckets with a petrified look on her face.

This night was just the same as other nights, but she couldn't go back to sleep this time. So she decided to head out to the garden.

Surprisingly, the scent of flowers and the feeling of the night breeze caressing her skin was such a wonderful experience for her; especially after nightmares like this.

So she put on her flip flops and headed out, not minding the cold.

Once she arrived, she sees a car pull up Infront of the mansion.

From the rose bushes, she spied.

Her mouth dropped at who she saw.

Marcy, along with her kids, Barton and Brittany all came out; loaded with suitcases and trunks.

Some Omegas were already outside ready to carry them in.

Beta Ray's family?

What were they doing here?

They were sent back home today after the fight between the twins and Daniel.

Why were they back here?

Alpha Damien and Beta Ray weren't in sight,

Did they know of this?

Normally she helped Anna when it comes to

relocating her things from the Beta's floor back to the Omega floor when they learnt of Marcy's announced visits, but with the sudden arrival, Anna had just re-moved in with the Beta.

She didn't like Anna, but Beta Ray was a nice person and she didn't want to get him in trouble, so she ran back into the mansion to alert him.

As she ran in, Marcy was already ordering the children to behave as their things werr being carried into the Mansion.

"The Alpha has graced us two more days here because of the Full moon festival tomorrow. Brittany, keep your brother away from Daniel. He's the Alpha's son. We shouldn't go close to him like his father said. And we don't want to get him into trouble either. He's on probation now. The poor boy."

Brittany and Barton exchanged looks.

They were 13 years, but of course being given everything they wanted and spoilt from a little age, they tend to behave a little immature and naughty.

"Probation?" Barton asked innocently.

"Yes. One more trouble and he'll be sent off to the Moon Howler's pack."

"Forever?" Brittany chipped in.

Marcy sighed.

"You know how strict the Alpha is. I'm not so sure. But just to be clear… "

"Don't make any trouble with Daniel." The twins finish up simultaneously.

"Good," Marcy smiled at them, ruffling their similar forest green colored hair before rising up. "Now let's head inside. It's quite late, so you'll retire to bed after getting changed. We wouldn't want to wake anyone up."

The twins nodded, and as Marcy turned around, she failed to notice the evil glint gleam in their similar honey colored eyes.

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