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WARNING: MATURE CONTENT! ~Who'd ever thought the young Alpha's son would fall in love with his nanny?!~ She was like the mother he never had, the older sister he's always wanted, his ONLY best friend. After an incident at the Dark Risers's pack, the Alpha sends his son away to another pack to be trained and nurtured into a better person; the future Alpha. Twelve years later, Daniel returns a full grown teen with a high sex drive and lust for beautiful women. At such a young age, he handles the pack solely and also bears the pressure of finding a mate from the elders and his relatives. But Daniel doesn't want a mate. Never does and never will. Why get stuck with one woman who would cause him trouble than spend every night of his with women of his choice? Will he live alone in his carnal pleasures or eat his words? I.G: C3e_Jay Discord: C3e_Jay#0881 Discord server: https://discord.gg/C7zhwcQkQS Volume 1 status: COMPLETED Volume 2 status: ONGOING Volume 3 status: COMING SOON Excerpt; for Volume (2) But…" John held the pillow in his hand with a serious, thoughtful look. "Is this what you really want?" Jephthah looked up from where he was finishing up a sketch of Talia and frowned slightly. "What are talking about?" John sighed and came close to him and Jephthah tensed up because his brother looked really serious. And when he did, he always had something really important to say. "You want Talia to be your fated mate, don't you?" "More than anything in the world." Jephthah said without missing a beat, a light glinting in his eyes like stars, but they died down when he noticed John still had that serious look on his face. "John, What's wrong?" "Jephthah," John sighed. "We're twins... you know that right?" Jephthah almost flicked his head at the stupid question. "So?" "And we're like two peas in a pod. We're each other's half." Jephthah narrowed his eyes at him. "Do you think YOU might be my mate?" John hit his head with a pillow this time. "No!" "Then get straight to the point, John." "70% of girls who are mated to a twin usually are mated to…" he paused looking Jephthah In the eyes before finishing his sentence. "the other twin as well." The pencil fell off his grasp, rolled over the sheet of canvas paper and dropped with a thud to the floor, the sharp pointy end of the graphite breaking off to fall next to the door. "What?!"