Help!: I Think My System Is Trying To Kill Me! Book

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Help!: I Think My System Is Trying To Kill Me!


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Author-san here! Well, I know you're all here for some adventure, so don't worry. I've got you covered! (^0^)  This is my original work, and I know you all will like it. So shamelessly lean back into your seats and read away!  Of course, don't forget to check out my other books: •I'm The King Of Technology. •Host, Please Be Honest! What Exactly Are You? •And finally: 'In A Cultivation World With An Entertainment Park.' Well, that's enough of that. So back to the synopsis! . ...... What to do? Ji Feng suddenly found himself in the body of a youngster named Wolfram Lockhart, the son of the deceased village head. Okay. So he transmigrated. That, he could live it.  But please... Can anyone tell him why he transmigrated with such a crazy system by his side? [Host, it looks like your uncle is heading your way. Hahahhahaha~... Host, you're about to get butchered. This is fun to watch!] '_' [Host, host, where are you going? So what if you're as weak as a chicken? Come on, dive into the battle. What's the worst that can happen?] '_' [Wait! Host, where are you doing? The battlefield is that way! Host! Host! Host!.. Dammit! What a waste of heavenly popcorn!] (:T^T:) .... One boy, one unbelievable system.  Ji Feng... No!... Wolfram Lockhart... now found himself in the strange world of Grandia, starting from the weakest level ever... A mortal! In this world of palladium, Sky ranking abilities, and Creatures of myths and legends, Wolfram only had one domain from it all.  With his head to the heavens and his little man out of his pants, he was quick to spray his fluid while raining uncountable curses at them.  Why? Why in God's name did they send him a Suicidal system?


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