1 accidental arrival

I was sent to another world by accident. I guess I'm the alien now? This world is beautiful and yet frightening. Who knows what creatures live here. I hear voices talking to me but they sound so far away. What are they saying? I'm too much in my head, I can't think straight. I have a family back home! I need to get home! My skin is tingling, like it's about to go numb. Wait, my chest feels funny, I need to calm down and breathe. What are they saying? Is he a doctor?

"Hey, can we get a translator? She needs to know we need to move her to the infirmary and make sure she's ok. I hope she doesn't die"

Wait, what did he say? "Die?! Why would I die?!" I said. I was horrified he dared to say that in front of me. He looked at me puzzled and then his expression changed to fascination with a little grin, back to concern and used this device that looked like it scanned me. To my amazement my whole anatomy as it were showed up like there was a screen floating above his little gadget, some sort of projection. And like any doctor would do he started to ask me questions.

Before I could answer any of them everything went black. Memories of my childhood kept flooding in. My mom... My dad... My older brother... My mom. My dad. My brother. Mom, dad, brother. Mom, dad, brother. *I feel sick*

All my memories moved to fast, like time sped up everything. *wait* Right up to the moment when my dad was testing out the portal. *No* The archeologists found it and brought his team on to help study it and see if it worked. *No! No!* I was visiting home from college for spring break. I didn't really make friends yet, busy with classes and work, I didn't have much time. I was proud of my dad. He was able to be a part of something this amazing. I had to see him in action. *Please!* They managed to turn it on and that when everything went sideways.

The portal was made of stone not from Earth. It looked like stone but it couldn't be broken. It had markings on them and they arranged them in a specific order which made them activate instantaneously. I was visiting my dad, he managed to sneak me in and suit up.

As he showed me the stones. He went to place one in the right-middle side and it almost slipped out of his hand so I reacted and helped him place it down. The portal instantly activated and I pushed my dad away as it started to suck me in. *Help!* I held on to the stones as tight as I could but they unraveled and some got sucked in with me.

*No!* All I could see what bright light and all I felt was pain. My chest felt like it was about to explode. I.. Think... I'm... Dying...




I opened my eyes as I sat up and screamed at the top of my lungs. All the glass around me broke.

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