Hello, My Love. Are you the Psychokinetic Assassin?
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Hello, My Love. Are you the Psychokinetic Assassin?


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What is Hello, My Love. Are you the Psychokinetic Assassin?

Read Hello, My Love. Are you the Psychokinetic Assassin? novel written by the author Idle_Joy on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi Romance stories, covering weaktostrong, mystery, superpowers, revenge, enemiestolovers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


[WARNING: This is not a typical substitute subject for pure romance but the life of a real heiress who becomes an assassin instead of the other one]. The real heiress becomes the assassin (MC/First FL) while the fated assassin becomes the pampered heiress (second FL). Melissa was the substitute daughter of a psychopath Rosalina, who let her daughter becomes the heiress of Stone Family. She escaped from her abusive mother and found out that she has a psychic power known as Psychokinesis, but it is too weak to use it. She was found by the Stone Family as the daughter of Erson Stone when she was almost sold to the evil organization. When she was five years old, the Stone Family is being targeted by an evil forces and asked for a sacrifice. The Stone Family asked of what kind of sacrifice they wanted. The evil forces choose Louisa as a hostage but the Stone Family hesitated. Then, Erson revealed himself to the Stone Family and gave his psychic power to Louisa. Having a psychic power is important to the Stone Family because that person will become the next head of the family. The Stone Family has no choice but to use a substitute which is Melissa. Melissa felt betrayed by her own father and went to the main base of evil organizations. She lived in that organization for ten years as a good-for-nothing youngest assassin (or a wolf with sheep's clothing) without revealing her secrets. She underwent tremendous changes from being a weak child to a stronger assassin. After a months, Melissa disguised herself and becomes the miserable Psychokinetic Assassin. She destroyed every Experimental Lab around the world within two years. It caused an uproar around the world because those experimental laboratories are experimenting species for human survival like cure for cancer diseases and etc. People are shocked to find out that those experimental laboratories are using humans as a lab rats or dissecting living humans. It even found out that those lab rats are the missing children ranges from 3 to 8 years old. This arise a hatred from those families. Gabriel Fernandez is the Military Lord who is in-charged of capturing Melissa despite of her contribution on eliminating evil. He used every means to fulfill his duty. However, destiny is the evil manipulator of human lives. The so-called LOVE entangled them one another. Later on, Melissa found out about her identity. She is the real daughter of Eleanor and Erwin and should be living a carefree life while Louisa should be the daughter of psychopath Rosalina and Erson. Will she be able to forgive the Stone Family? Will she still be able to love and trust someone forever? Let's find out... ----------- Melissa: She's very strong that none of the military weapon can harm her. Just one block from her psychic barrier is able to stop them. In one strike, everything is destroyed. However, no matter how strong she is, human hearts can be moved easily by so-called LOVE. Gabriel : He's a Military Lord, who is in-charged of Melissa's cases, and a son of the wealthiest man in the country. He has an aloof and cold personality. Nothing can moved his guarded heart but the wall breaks down after learning more about her. He cannot stop himself from meddling for her safety. ---------- Author: This novel will be very short. I'm sorry but I hope you will like it! =============== Any names or events in this book appeared in reality is mere coincidence. This is a fictional book based on fantastic imagination of the author and researches. ============== Updates will be every twice a week for five chapters after forty chapters are published. Note: This is an original novel. Please help me by vote, add to library, and follow. Thank you!

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Just by reading a few chaps, I know this will be something great. Character interactions were like of a movie film. They were lifelike and were not cupboard cutouts. Making me think that this has potential. Plot-wise, this is a complex story. Their fates were twisted and can't help but be immersed. Good job! I know you will do great and improve more in the future 😁


Hello, I am the author of this novel! I am happy to see a few readers who like my novel. I am not yet good with grammatical structures but I am doing my best to use simple and appropriate words. Also, please give me some pointers! I am still a beginner in this area😁😁


I am quite bored to the novels that have similar plots in different angles but this novel has its own originality. Originality on the novels is hard to come by. I hope more readers find this and support it!


Although it is new, I cannot stop myself from imagining the next plot on the upcoming chapters! I hope the other readers find this and love it! Also, let's support the author! Originality is essential to novels right now! HAHA


Wow! The plot is unique and refreshing! I am looking forward to the development of the plot and adventurous journey of FL. I am supporting you, author!


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