1 Why?

Today is special because its today not yesterday not tomorrow, it is today.

All you do is try and try to do what? Make a difference? Do something no one has ever done before or is it just to keep your time full? Well whatever it is it is kinda pointless, because in the end your ganna die and nothing that you did or didnt do is ganna matter.

Most people think that reading is good time waster because all you do is there and look at something that is just... carbon. Thats all it is, so it doesn't matter if you got all A+ in every class or all Fs. It doesn't matter if you get a metal for running or getting sick because either tomorrow or today your ganna die. Thats just how it is.

Well i hope that you are reading this and thinking "wow what a waste of time!" Because thats all anybody can do is waste time. So get outside! Maybe you are out side breath and just think. "Wow what is life!?"

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