Hello Goodbye, Runaway AffairHello Goodbye, Runaway Affair

Hello Goodbye, Runaway Affair

by Toxica_KiqUoWrites

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A love story about Xien Xiomenya and Ziang Shin. Xien Xiomenya is a woman of many talents. When she was 21 she graduated from an elite college and was the top of her class. Because of an incident in Paris she gave birth to Lil Zen (Xien Zennishi). She comes to Z city as a chance to presume her dreams at Z Entertainment. Ziang Shin is the CEO of Ziang Group, the- largest group of companies in the world. He is the number one bachelor but nobody seems to interest him. Which makes his family wonder if he’s gay. He's a cold nonchalant CEO most of the time. But people know about how he has a hot temper and not the one to be messed with. (None of the songs belong to me in here so no copyright or something like that please) (Some of the chapters may be mature audience needed their may be a little bit of inappropriate scenes ) (This is my first book I’m publishing I hope you show me some love and their is an irregular posting system) Now…... Enjoy the story!

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