1 Prologue

Title: Hellishly Bounded To The CEO

Author: Anamika Ana

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Chapter 1

Light rainfall started to pour down over the capital city of M country. As the dark clouds covered the sky above, the crescent moon hid behind the thick layer of clouds. The busy road of Silk City was now vacant without a trace of a single vehicle. Considering the rough weather and it being twilight, the citizens had taken shelter under their own comfortable homes. The city lights seemed dull under the whirlwind breeze. Except for a single stall on the roadside, most of the stores were closed for the day.

Amidst the quiet night, two figures started walking towards the lonely stall and quickened their pace when they saw that the owner was preparing to leave as soon as possible. The owner narrowed his gaze suspiciously at the sight of the young woman wearing a black hat and the little boy by her side.

Who would come out to a stall in this weather? he wondered as he continued to watch them approach.

The little boy that walked beside the tall, alluring beauty was impatient and began to tug on the girl's shaking hand. Her slender fingers were too cold and he squeezed them tighter as he continued to pull her forward.

"Mama, walk faster or else this shop will be closed by the time we get there!"

The woman dangerously narrowed her gaze down at him and began to take longer strides towards the small stall.

"Be quiet! You're lucky that I haven't spanked your ass for bringing me out here. If you hadn't insisted on having ice cream at this hour, I would have never come out in this weather," she scolded.

The little boy pouted and puffed out his cheeks. He didn't wish to anger his mother anymore—unless he wanted to be spanked. Only he knew how many tantrums he had to throw for the sake of his dear ice cream. Thus, he stayed quiet and shifted his attention to the pink balloon. He marveled at how it occasionally danced against the unruly wind. He tightened his small fingers around the string that kept the balloon anchored to him and continued to walk quickly beside of his mother.

Finally as the pair reached the stall, they stepped up to the counter, and the woman ordered two ice creams. The owner of the shop—an old man with a wrinkled face—looked at the flourishing young woman with surprise. Judging by her facial features, he guessed that she was around twenty–one. Then his eyes fell on the little boy.

This is her son?!

The woman slapped her hand down urgently on the counter which snapped him out of his thoughts.

"Hey mister, could you hurry up?! It's about to rain."

The owner automatically nodded his head as he tried to regain his senses. He strode inside of his stall to fetch her order. The woman sighed helplessly and let go of the boy's little hand.

"Be good and don't go anywhere until I've paid," she warned.

The little boy nodded obediently and saw his mother digging inside of her pockets to pull a couple of dollars. The little boy's almond eyes darted up and down the deserted street with great interest. His curiosity sparked even more as he spotted a dysfunctional city light across the road that kept semi-automatically flicking on and off. As the little boy continued to immerse himself in thought about how the light worked, the string to his little pink balloon suddenly slipped out from his grasp and floated towards the center of road.

"Shit!" he muttered.

He chased the balloon down the street, completely forgetting about the warning his mother had given him. His little feet couldn't keep up with his treasure as the wind continued to blow the balloon further down the road. Picking up his pace, he ran faster without a care about where he was going. He huffed in frustration as he jumped as he tried to catch the balloon's string that was dangling in mid-air and was unknowingly in the middle of the empty road. By the time his mother noticed his absence, the little boy had already rushed out onto the street. Opening her mouth to call him back, she suddenly saw two headlights in the distance. The woman's face turned deathly pale when she noticed that the car was barreling down the street at full speed.

The little boy—unaware about the upcoming danger—was still enthusiastically chasing his pink balloon. One more high jump, he finally caught the balloon. A giggle of triumph came from his small mouth. And as he turned around to go back to his mother, all he could see was the black Maybach racing towards him. He stood there frozen with his mouth hung open in terror. Fear flashed across his little face as he trembled and subconsciously let go of his long cherished balloon. He thought he had heard someone calling him but his little heart could no longer decipher what to do and his feet remained rooted to the spot. Without any sign of stopping, the car continued to rush down the road and he black out as it hit his tiny figure.

Trying to save her beloved son, the woman threw herself forward to push him off of the road. But she was too late. Her attempt was fruitless against the monstrous car which had lost control. Instead, the car clipped her side and she staggered backwards before falling to the ground. Her head collided against the asphalt and before she could welcome the darkness that threatened to cloud her vision; she saw the small lifeless figure lying on the road.

The rain poured heavily and washed off the warm blood that slowly seeped from two bodies. The cold ice cream that was still in the woman's hand slowly melted under the heavy rain—erasing any traces of its previous existence. She closed her eyes against the storm and let everything around her fade.

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