485 The Long Lost Tale (Part XXXI)

Knowing that he couldn't stop the next wave of arrows anymore, Alex turned around and hugged Abigail, shielding her again.

His lips landed on her forehead as a tear fell from his eye. "I'm sorry… I love you…" was all he could utter as his grip on her tightened. His body was rigid as he closed his eyes and prepared to die. He couldn't feel his body anymore, but his heart was bleeding. All he wished right then was for Abigail to stay alive.

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Alex closed his eyes, waiting for the arrows to pierce through him.

However, the arrows never came. Instead, he could feel a scorching heat wave coming from above them, and when he opened his eyes again, Alex could see that Lexus had burned all the arrows to ashes, along with part of the castle.

Lexus had come, but Alex couldn't even feel glad as he looked at the dragon raging from above.

His eyes slowly fell on Abigail, and his heart filled with fear.

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