480 The Long Lost Tale (Part XXVI)

Dinah's smile faded in the darkness at Abigail's words. She had hoped that she had it wrong, that the Abigail Alexander loved wasn't this same girl that was sitting next to her. But there it was, her proof. And now, there was no going back.

That night, the two girls went to bed. Abi slept peacefully with a small smile on her face, while Dinah lay awake in the darkness, her mind churning with many different ways to execute her plan.

It was after midnight when Dinah got out of bed and approached Abigail's sleeping figure. She carefully sat on the bed and her hand went to touch Abigail's cheek. However, a thin layer of mist suddenly appeared around her and Dinah immediately retracted her hand and left her room in a hurry. Luckily, the mist disappeared and didn't follow her.

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