478 The Long Lost Tale (Part XXIV)

Soon, it was time for his last battle. After this, he would return to Ashteria to finally achieve his real goal and finally get to be with Abigail again.

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Alexander led his army as strongly and as fearlessly as he had previously. His strength and power overwhelmed the enemy and he and his army crushed the enemy into dust. They were unstoppable, invincible. Alexander and his army were a force to be reckoned with, an army that no one had ever witnessed before. Alex had earned himself the title of the god of war.

After this huge and victorious battle, Alexander let his men celebrate and so did he. He joined his men that night and drank and ate with them to his heart content. The real reason behind his joy that night wasn't just because of this victory, but also because he could finally start his journey back to his beloved. He kept drinking with his men and Dinah kept his cup full but what Alex didn't know was that Dinah had drugged his drinks.

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