76 Somewhere

He pressed on her scratches a little harder as Abi gaped at him and she winced again. 

"Ahh… Alex, stop! I'll tell you..." She finally gave in and the man let go. 

"Good," he said before he lifted her hand and gently blew on the wound as if he was trying to soothe the pain he inflicted. Abigail was speechless. This jellyfish was truly unpredictable. Why was he like this? "Now speak, little fruit," his tone was extremely demanding. 

With a sigh, she told him the truth; that she was about to cross the road when a random fast car drove past so close to her that it nearly hit her. She fell down and that was how she got the scratches.

Abi saw his jaws clench and something flashed in his eyes, so quick that Abi almost missed it. He looked down and focused his attention on her palm. 

"I-I am fine, though. These scratches are nothing," she immediately tried to reassure him, but the man continued his interrogation without looking at her face. 

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