72 A book, a pillow, and a blanket

The moment they entered the dining room, three pairs of eyes greeted them and one didn't even bother to look up, as if he couldn't care less. Of course, the boisterous one was the first to say something.

"Oh, we have a new member in the family?! So cute! What's your name?" Xavier asked.

"My name is Betty. Nice to meet you all." Betty introduced herself and smiled at Xavier.

"I'm Xavier, baby girl and this guy here is Kai." Xavier beamed at her while Kai gave her a small, kind smile.

Betty's eyes surveyed the two men for a while before her gaze fell on Ezekiel Qin. She then turned and walked towards him and poked him gently on his leg to grab his attention.

"Uncle, what's your name?"

The man silently raised his eyes and looked at the girl before him. 

"Hey, don't ignore a lady's question." Alex's voice was mocking.

"Ezekiel" was all he said before he looked down again, as if he was an unwilling participant.

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