Hell V/S Heaven Book

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Hell V/S Heaven


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people can be bad they can be worse but he........he is the worst, you just couldn't tell what is going on in that cunning head of his you will never hear people talking good about him even his own family was terrified by him He never cared, never cared about what people say about him The only thing he loved was his work, he was the CEO of the Lawson industries he was a workaholic, a very rich one. You would see him in every magazine and newspaper.....but you will never see his smile He is Harry Lawson She is someone who wanted to be loved itbut was never loved being raised in an orphanage where she was taken care of but she wasn't loved In short....... she was the opposite of Harry ko But sometimes even she can loose her temper and patience so be careful She is Emily Carson what would happen it these two people are put together? you need to read the book to find out _______________________________________________


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