1 First Job

Years ago the most powerful demon lost his power, so he was slowly forgotten by most demons over the years, but the demon decided to open a business doing odd jobs.


Carter, an imp, is in his small business area with two others that work with him.

"Im happy that you two joined my company," said Carter, happy because he has been working on the business for years.

Carter is a very tall imp unlike other imps, he has black horns, a black tail, he has black wings, he has yellow eyes, he has red skin, and he's wearing a black and white suit.

"Im just here because you adopted me," said Sophie, a female hellhound.

Sophie is tall, her fur is gray and white, her eyes are red, her breasts are big, and she's wearing a black bra with sleeves and black jeans.

"And im here because im your friend," said Lucas, a male imp.

Lucas is small like most imps, he has red skin, black horns, a black tail, and he can open black wings, he has yellow eyes and he's wearing black clothes.

"Ok, so you don't want to be here, but you will once we make some money," said Carter, and he gets a call on his phone.

"Hello, yes ok," said Carter on the phone and he has a weird face.

"What was that call about?" asked Sophie, wanting to know why her dad has that face.

"Our first client cancelled," said Carter, and he starts throwing things.

Carter was about to throw his phone, but he gets a call.

"What?!" asked Carter with anger on the phone.

"Oh, Carter, I like it when you're mad," said the prince of lust Crystal.

"Oh, crystal why are you calling?" asked Carter confused why Crystal would call him.

"I heard about your business and I wanted to hire you guys to be my bodyguards well I go to demonic land," said Crystal.

Demonic Land: an expensive theme park.

"Sure, but aren't you a little old to be going to demonic land?" asked Carter because Crystal is over 1000 years old.

"Yes, but I like going there," said Crystal.

"Well, we will be at your castle in a bit," said Carter, and he hangs up.

Carter sees that Sophie's and Lucas's faces are looking at him weirdly.

"What?" asked Carter.

"Was That Crystal The Prince Of Lust?!" asked Sophie.

"Yes it was, she just called to hire us," said Carter.

"Wait, you were talking as if you knew her," said Lucas.

"Yes, we used to date," said Carter, and they look at Carter to see that he isn't that handsome.

"Wait, you dated Crystal, but look at you," said Lucas.

"Hey! Im handsome," said Carter.

"You handsome, no your not," said Sophie.

"Your my daughter you're not supposed to be mean to your father," said Carter with a sad face.

Carter wants Sophie to say that he's handsome, so he gets sad.

"Fine, you're ok looking," said Sophie lying to Carter.

"Thats good enough for me," said Carter, and they go to Crystal's castle.

Crystal is a succubus, she has red skin, her eyes are yellow, her breasts are big, her hair is black, she's wearing a black dress, and she has a black purse.

"Oh, Carter, your finally here," said Crystal, and she hugs Carter.

"I haven't seen you in so long," said Crystal after she kisses Carter's cheek.

"How did you meet my dad?" asked Sophie.

"Oh, are you Sophie?" asked Crystal.

"Yes, how do you know about me?" asked Sophie, wondering how someone like Crystal knows about her.

"Carter talks about his little Sophie lots to me," said Crystal.

"Dad, you call me little Sophie to Crystal?" asked Sophie with an angry tone and with her hands in a fist.

"Yes," said Carter, and Sophie punches Carter in the face.

"Ouch!" said Carter.

"Well mabey you shouldn't call me that to others," said Sophie with anger.

"Sophie your such a strong girl, I like it," said Crystal liking how strong and beautiful Sophie is.

"Well, thanks," said Sophie, and they get into a limo.

"I can't believe that im in a limo with you," said Sophie.

"I can't believe that I finally met you after all these years," said Crystal, happy that she finally met Carter's daughter.

"Hey do you want your claws done, we can stop at phoenix salon first ill pay for yours?" asked Crystal.

"You would do that?" asked Sophie.

"Yes, of course, and here take my phone number to call me anytime," said Crystal well giving Sophie her phone number.

They stop at a salon.

"I would like the usual and same for this lovely girl," said Crystal, and they first get their hair and fur done.

"So has Carter ever took you to a salon?" asked Crystal.

"No, he never has," said Sophie.

"Thats not good a girl needs the salon treatment, but don't worry ill take you here more," said Crystal, happy to take Sophie to the salon anytime.

After they're done, they go back into the limo.

"Let's go shopping for you, Sophie," said Crystal, and they go shopping.

Sophie tries on lots of black expensive clothes and Crystal buys them for her.

Sophie is now wearing a black dress and a new black collar with spikes on it.

"Sophie, have you ever been to demonic land?" asked Crystal.

"No dad says that it's too expensive," said Sophie, not happy because her dad never took her there.

"Then you will join me as a guest instead of a bodyguard," said Crystal.

"No fair," said Carter, because he likes Demonic Land.

"Carter, you're too old for demonic land," said Crystal, and they go to demonic land.

They are walking around.

"Sophie, let's lose Carter and that imp," said Crystal into Sophie's ear. They start running and after awhile they lost them.

"Sophie, do you have someone you like?" asked Crystal well there in front of the love boat ride.

"No, my dad is overprotective of me, so he would never allow it," said Sophie, always wanting a lover.

"How about I give you your first kiss?" asked Crystal because she's experienced in kissing.

"Wait, you would do that, but my dad would probably ground me with he finds out," said Sophie.

"Don't worry, it will be a kiss between friends," said Crystal, and they go on a love boat.

"Hey Sophie, your beautiful and with you want we can be more than friends," said Crystal when they are halfway into the ride.

"I think I like you, so yes," said Sophie, and they are leaning in for a kiss.

"Stop!" said Carter behind them on a love boat.

"No, you have been overprotective my whole life and im tired of it," said Sophie.

"With you kiss her, you're grounded for life," said Carter, not wanting Sophie to kiss Crystal.

"Listen Carter, I know you want what's best for your daughter, but keeping her on a short leash will just push her away," said Crystal.

"Your right, I guess my daughter can go out with you, but with you hurt her I won't forgive you," said Carter because he will never forgive anyone for hurting his daughter.

"Don't worry, I really like your daughter," said Crystal, and she sits back down.

Crystal and Sophie kiss and Carter takes a picture.

"Dad, did you just take a picture?" asked Sophie with anger.

"Yes, I just want to remember this day," said Carter, and Sophie is angry.

"Don't be angry with your father, he just loves you," said Crystal, not wanting Sophie to be mad at her father.

"I know," said Sophie.

"Me and Lucas are going you two have fun," said Carter and they get out of the ride.

"Sophie, what do you want to do now?" asked Crystal when they get off the ride.

"How about we join that hellhound race?" asked Sophie, seeing that there's a trophy for the winner.

"Are you sure Ill have to ride on your back?" asked Crystal, not wanting to ride on Sophie because it's rude.

"Yes, I want to win that trophy," said Sophie, and they sign up.

They go to the starting line and Crystal gets on Sophie's back.

The race begins and Sophie starts running.

She's not going to win, I have to do something? thought Crystal, and she uses magic to make the hellhounds in front trip.

They finsh the race in first place.

"Im So Happy!" Said Sophie and Crystal hears a gunshot.

Crystal realizes that it's going to hit Sophie, so she gets in front of Sophie and Crystal uses magic to form a shield around them.

"Sophie, stay in this shield until I come back," said Crystal, worried that Sophie will get shot.

"Wait, What's Going On?!" asked Sophie, wanting to know with something bad is going to happen.

"I'll tell you later," said Crystal, and she flies to where the gunshot came from.

"You tried to kill Sophie, so now im going to kill you," said Crystal and the demon shoots at Crystal, but she catches all the bullets.

Crystal gets out her sharp claws and she kills the demon.

Crystal flies back to Sophie.

"Sophie, don't worry the person who tried to kill you is dead," said Crystal well hugging Sophie.

"Did you kill him?" asked Sophie.

"Yes, so he wouldn't shoot you," said Crystal.

"Let's get your trophy and go," said Crystal, and they go into the limo.

"Carter, Sophie is going to sleep at my castle for a night," said Crystal because Sophie is scared.

"No Absolutely Not!" Said Carter, and he sees that Sophie is scared.

"Ok, she can stay for a night," said Carter, and they get dropped off.

"Sophie, did your father tell you about who he was before?" asked Crystal.

"No, he never talks about himself," said Sophie.

"Yes, he hasn't since the day he lost his demonic power. Your father was the imp of the queen of hell and he was the strongest of all demons, even the queen," said Crystal.

"Wait, I heard of someone like that, was my father hell blaze?" asked Sophie because she heard the name hell blaze and about him.

"Yes, but he lost all his power, so unable to use magic or his strength he disappeared for years until he came to me," said Crystal.

"How did he lose his power?" asked Sophie, not knowing how it's possible to lose your power.

"No one knows, not even him," said Crystal.

"I wasn't supposed to tell anyone this, so don't tell him or say anything about it," said Crystal, knowing that Carter would be mad if he finds out.

"I will act like I didn't hear that," said Sophie.

"He used to be cruel and evil, but when he found you he became soft," said Crystal, knowing that Sophie changed Carter.

"So my dad really cares for me," said Sophie.

"Yes, and I imagine that he would do anything to protect you," said Crystal.

"My dad really is the best," said Sophie, and the limo stops.

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