1 Awakening

Flames... When I woke up all I could see were flames. I didn't know where I was, I didn't even remember how I got here.

All I knew was that I was currently being burned alive. So I started screaming, for how long I had no idea. After a while, the pain started to numb by some miracle, all I could feel now was a constant annoying itch.

I tried to reorganize my thoughts and try to get an idea of what happened. I knew my name was Cain and that I was studying in college a couple of years ago. Then all I remember was something about a crisis. I believe it was something called covad... no, no it was covid. Euhm what happened next again...? Why is my memory so vague? I started hyperventilating.

´Okay, calm down´, I told myself. First, let's figure out where I am.

While trying to see if there was anything apart from these flames, and think of a way to get rid of this goddamn itch, I started walking. I hoped that eventually, I could find something apart from flames.

And so I did, for a couple of days in fact, that after a while turned into a couple of years... I think. I don't know anymore, in the beginning, I tried to count the time to stay sane. That didn't work, I guess, as I could feel myself wondering if there even was a point in doing this. Another thing that I was wondering about to pass the time was why I didn't get hungry or thirsty.

I started hoping this was a dream that was somehow really lifelike, so I started trying to wake myself up. I started hitting myself, which unfortunately didn't work, it just resulted in more pain. Next, I realized that I was probably dead, as there was no way such a place, like a sea of flames, existed. So this should be hell? And if so, why am I in hell? Okay, I might not have been a saint in the life that I remember but I was still a decent person. I never killed somebody or did anything else illegal, I just kept to myself most of the time.

'Arghh... I can't change anything about it, I guess.' Next, I started running to find something, literally anything. For how long no idea, as I didn't get tired, didn't need sleep. Hell, I couldn't even sleep if I wanted to as the itch kept getting stronger when I tried to close my eyes.

Who knows how much time later, my eyes started drifting to the distance. And then I noticed it... a tiny white light in the distance. I tried to increase my speed to get to it. I was getting close, I knew it. However just as I got a couple of meters from it, it disappeared. And then my mind went black...

Eughh... What is this? In the corner of my vision, I saw a white box, that stayed in the corner of my vision no matter what I did. So I tried a different approach and closed my eyes. I tried to envision the box in my mind...

Ding!! "Welcome to the Hell System"!

´Oh, a system huh? How does it work...?´, I asked.

"Just say status in your mind, host."

Sure, ... 'status'...



Name: Cain

Age: ???

Race: Human?

Level: 1

STR: I 0

END: SSS 1420

DEX: I 0

AGI: SS 1169

MAG: I 0


Appraisal, ???, Hell Flame Affinity, Pain Immunity, Dimensional Gate Manipulation, ???


´Euhh system..., can you give me some explanation on my abilities?´, he asked.


"Appraisal: gives you a description of beings and objects, on the condition that they aren't higher level."

"???: not enough data... ERROR"

"Hell Flame Affinity": due to being burned for thousands of years, you have gained an affinity with the immortal hell flames. As a result, your fire-based skills gain the hell aspect, and the fire damage increases by 200%"

"Pain Immunity: due to enduring an enormous amount of pain, you have gained pain immunity."

"Dimensional Gate Manipulation: gives you the ability to travel to other worlds and universes."

"???: not enough data... ERROR"


´Okay, system why are there 2 errors?´, I asked.

"Your level is too low for this information. To gain access to these abilities, you have to increase your level. You can do this by killing other lifeforms or by upgrading the system."

´And why are my endurance and agility so high?´, I wondered.

"Due to running for thousands of years in a sea of flames, both stats have risen exponentially."

´Okay, something came out of, I guess. Now the last ability I received was basically world hopping.´

´Can I go anywhere I want?´, I asked.

"Yes, aside from your previous world, you can go anywhere you want."

Great, I wasn't planning to as most of my memories of that world are gone. However, I still remember some novels I used to read like Danmachi, Doulou Dalu, Dxd, Harry Potter, books about Percy Jackson, and so on. And I wanted to visit some of them if I had the chance.

´So how does it work...?´

"Just say: Open portal to ... world"

´Okay, I'll try. Thanks, system! Open portal to Danmachi world!´

´Finally, I am getting out of this place´, I thought. :)

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