Hell's Playground Series Book

novel - Romance

Hell's Playground Series

Jesse Darkling

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Three Sexy Demi-Gods. A Sassy Female They'll Never Let Go. After my first boyfriend Nelos vanished off the face of the earth, leaving me shattered and questioning even my own sanity, I sort of lost my way. And just as I started to find footing again, to come back from the pain, a chance encounter with a god ripped it all away. The last thing I expect is to meet three dangerous men who are too broken for repair--who need me and want me for reasons none of us can explain. But this desire, this fate, it's dangerous. It threatens everything I am and everything I might be. Because these men have dark secrets. Secrets that will destroy me. I cannot stay. I’m determined to find a way out and escape with my heart and my soul intact. And absolutely no strings attached…even if one of those threads once shattered me when it broke before. Hell's Playground Series is created by Jesse Darkling, an eGlobal Creative Publishing signed author.