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Hell's Academy


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What is Hell's Academy

Hell's Academy is a popular web novel written by the author RazorIsSharp, covering HAREM, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, REINCARNATION, UNIQUE-ABILITIES, WEAK TO STRONG, ACTION, KINGDOM-BUILDING, KINGDOM, STRATEGY, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 474.1K readers with an average rating of 4.79/5 and 21 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 161 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Howard awoke every morning with the taste of blood in his mouth. Every night before he went to sleep, the women sleeping next to him shot him to death so that he could reincarnate in the morning. They did experiments on him, all because he had horns on the top of his head. Finally, after years of experiments, they tossed him into the abyss. A place worse than hell called the Furnace. Down beneath the surface, the Furnace allows dreams to turn into reality, abilities to be amplified by a thousand fold, and for conquests to unfold. Howard, finally finding himself free in the Furnace, joins a team of reprobates from Hell's Academy, hoping to conquer the Furnace and build the ultimate kingdom in the darkest trenches of the world.

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A shameless man once attempted to be an author only to find himself dangling from a rope over a large mountain. He had a choice, cut the rope and become an author or get off the cliff. Well, I cut the rope and am still falling. Hope you read this story!


This book is severely under rated it has good grammar, an interesting plot, and it is professionally written. Please don't drop this it will probably get more attention.


Loved it ❤️💕❤️💕❤️. The writing style is very cool. Story development is really nice. Character design is at its finest and my favorite is world background. Loved it!


So after going through all of the chapters here, I have to say that I enjoyed this very much! The idea of stories where the characters go to a ceratin school to learn how to use a certain ability or magic, has always been my favourite type of story (what can I say I'm a otaku that grew up with those and I will guess that, the Author inspired himself on those, but if not I'm sorry for my remark) But this one was good because of the idea that the MC reincarnates into a diffrent world and goes to one, is for me (at the very least) cool and original, the world is interesting and mystirious and the characters are both interesting and cool. The only downside would be a few grammatical errors (but like I always say, it does not hinder a good story and can be fixed with time and ease) Anyways I liked what we got here and I will be coming back for some more, so keep it going, Author!


Reveal spoiler


Cool! The plot is really interesting and intriguing, the characters are all uniwue themselves, however the story is moving a bit too fast for me, maybe adding more details would be good, to build more emotions and tension. But still, Good work Author! Keep it up!


This is an interesting concept, it had me laughing and Howard is kind of like a goofball. The world is interesting and I like Monica she seems fearless. Good job author.


This is my attempt at an honest review. This review is purely based on my personal opinion on the story. Everything I write within it is taken from my worldview, and cannot, and will not, try to convince others otherwise I was at chapter 23 when the review was written. The writing style is rather straightforward and nonsuperfluous. It conveys what is happening in a pleasant manner. Although it is straightforward, it uses the right words at the right time, and I find it rather immersive to read. The release speed is very good, a lot of chapters are being released from what I can see, and, as far as I have reached, the quality has not taken any hit because of it. The story is different from what I usually read but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. While there are many novels where the main character is a test subject, this is done rather differently. I would definitely suggest others to try out this story. It is definitely time well spent.


When I layed my eyes on this book, it instantly caught my eyes. The plot is great, it's written in a very detailed way and I can't help getting excited everytime I move onto the next chapter! Keep up the Good work![img=update]


The dialogue and pacing are definitely strengths of this work, even if the direction of action and events need a little work done.


A reincarnation story that certainly holds a lot of potential. To add a little more depth into the details would certainly bring this alive, but other then that, a pleasant and enjoyable read.


Hi! I gave you advance 5 star. I didn't read it all but I'm excited giving my thoughts about your story. I already added this to my library. I salute your good writing style.


I signed in just to write this review. This is seriously one of the best novels I read. Keep up the good work, and keep the chapters coming ! Good luck on your test ! ^-^


This is an interesting story, the first chapter will leave you asking for more. Although, cliche in a sense that it’s a demon story all over again but it’s reedeming quality is the story. Also, add the good writing, well-written scenarios and interesting plot. This is a well thought out story that can make you craving for more. Would recommend to any reader out there.


Good morning This story is fantastic, the idea that the protagonist must die every night, in order to reincarnate the next day is great, although a little painful for Howards. From my perspective, the way you narrate and describe everything is fine because you manage to convey the right emotions to the reader. Keep it up, I hope your story goes far.


This review will be deleted once I get a 10th review. This review will be deleted once I get a 10th review. This review will be deleted once I get a 10th review. This review will be deleted once I get a 10th review. This review will be deleted once I get a 10th review. This review will be deleted once I get a 10th review. This review will be deleted once I get a 10th review. This review will be deleted once I get a 10th review.


Writing quality was splendid but I have seen few typos. You can use grammarly keyboard for the finishing touches. Story development was nice. The character design was also worthy of praise. I feel bad for the Mc for being mistreated but that was him being a potential badass in the future. Updating stability was, well ot has stopped so author please resume the story. Your readers were waiting for you. And last World background. You were detailed on it and I can imagine where he was and what is his surroundings. Over all nice job. I hope it gets popular in the future because it deserves it. BTW I hope you will review mine called "Waking Up In Undead World". I will wait for your response! See you!


Interesting concept! A lot of potential here. Anyway, to make this novel shine more, I kindly suggest for the author to dwell more on the character of Howard. Make me care about him - make them more alive. Keep it up, I'll watch this novel from the shadows. May the author: write more, edit more, learn more, and earn more!




At first, one might think that this story is but a fanservice of peculiar tastes, but that suddenly changes. The story doesn't overwhelm you with unnecessary details. It is a creative, engaging, and fun plot where you never know what's going to happen next thanks to the main character's personality, his special ability of not dying, and his support characters. Overall this is something lighthearted that you can't go wrong with. Good job author, keep on it.


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