1 Chapter 1: The Awakening

The year is 4102, The war wages on between the Colonial Frontier Militia and the Galatic Taunis mining Industries. Serious bloodshed for worlds, as they fight an unknown force is annihilating planets and wiping all life on their surfaces....

The beautiful night sky was lit with bright stars, as 2 people lay in the tall grass and star gaze upon the night sky.

"Do you think we will ever travel the stars Dutch?" Said the Blue Valarian girl.

Dutch starred at the star lit sky, "I don't know, maybe?"

The girl laughed and pointed at the brightest star, "Look! That ones getting bigger!"

Dutch's heart sank as he saw that the star was also getting closer!

The girl sat up and looked at Dutch with a blank face "You won't ever stop us by yourself...."

Dutch sat up "W-what?"

Suddenly a gust of wind hit them both with an icey cold touch as the wind hit them, the star was growing and as it hit the ground, Dutch saw a column of fire impacting the ground. Lighting shot across the land and hit Dutch and the girl... the wall of fire approaching them "NOT AGAIN!! NO!" Screamed Dutch as the girl stood up, black scars of lighting arms showing on her body "You wont ever..... STOP UUUUUSSSSS--" The wall of fire hit and she was burnted to nothing and Dutch screamed "VETRAAAAA---"

"FUCKING WAKE UP!!!" yelled Vetra, Dutch suddenly awoke to gunfire and bullets hitting the wall.


Dutch was sore and his head was pounding, he quickly got up and grabbed his gun, he ran to the closest cover with Vetra. "That concussion grenade got you good! Will you be alright?!"

"Yeah, I wasn't expecting it! How long was i out for?" Asked Dutch

"Maybe 5 minutes! I don't really know! They threw a bunch of shit at us as we pushed the LZ and blew up our ticket out! The G.T.M.I. are blood thirsty today!!" Said Vetra

Dutch held his head in pain, the sound of pounding gun fire did not help.

A scream is heard as a Frontier soldier is hit from multiple directions, their body thudded right beside Dutch.

"WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE!! (Getting on comms) WE NEED ANOTHER E-VAC!! THE LAST ONE WAS SHOT DOWN!!!" Dutch shouted into the radio.

"We are sending another evac ship, here are the coordinates for the LZ, the fleet Admiral has given permission for OTG weapons. Move to the new LZ after we give support. Copy?" Said a calm Yu' no.


Moments later, sound barriers were broke and air hissing was heard. As all the Frontier soldiers took cover, missiles landed on the G.T.M.I. forces.

As the Frontier soldiers ran through the smoke and dust on the irritated desert planet, in the distance a purple gas giant visible and a beautiful green and red planet in front of it along with the C.F.M. 6th fleet, that was in orbit. "THROUGH THOSE CLIFF FACES!! MOVE!!" barked Vetra. Dutch and many other soldiers started to run, with a few on edge of the group watching out for G.T.M.I. forces from behind and sides. They heard a rumbling sound in the distance, a C.F.M. fighter was tailing a G.T.M.I. fighter, burst of shots and maneuvering around pointed mountains of rock. As they were closing got closer to the cliffs, a loud explosion is heard the G.T.M.I. fighter has visible smoke coming from it, it begins to break apart and debri is flying everywhere. Its spinning uncontrollably and it breaks apart mid air, making impact in the desert. It explodes and shrapnel is launched everywhere. Avoiding flying debri as they approached the cliff faces and the gap they were heading for, gunshots lead out and a squad of 4 G.T.M.I marines were seen on top the cliffs, firing down. Bullet impacts are heard and 3 soldiers fell to the ground dead. One of them landed and rolled towards Dutch, Dutch was distraught at the sight of the desert camo scout. "YOU MOTHER FUCKERS!!" Let out one of the soldiers as he returned fire, "GET DOW--" said another but he was to late. The soldier who returned fire had dropped to the ground after his head had suddenly exploded. Vetra went onto the comms "WE ARE DEALING WITH HEAVY CAUSALTIES!! WE NEED MORE SUPPORT ON OUR LOCATION!!"

The same calm Yu' no voice came up "A Lammergeiers gunship is on its way to provide cover fire. ETA 3 minutes."

"I don't think we got 3 minutes!" said Dutch to Vetra.

More gunfire is heard and more bullets impacting.

"Stay behind cover till that fucking gunship is here!" Ordered Vetra.

Dutch did a roll call "Who is all still fucking alive!?"

"Sergeant Voin, still kicking!"

"Corporal Schive, accounted sir!"

"Private Decken, cal-" a bullet whizzed by and hit the soldier in his visor.

"Private Tes' li, reporting!"

"Lance Corporal Johnn, Still alive!"

Lastly "Sergeant Vik, staying out of fucking sight!"

"So, i forgot. How many soldiers did we land with!?"

"Twelve! (12)" shouted Vetra.

"So we got 7 people left? Fuck!" Exclaimed Dutch.

A loud roaring sound is heard coming from behind them, a G2-5X gunship came into sight. It shot a small set of missles at the squad, accompanied with a burst of rounds.

The squad tried running but were quickly over come by the barrage of lethal weapons. Obliterating them into a red mist.

A deep voice came up on comms "This is mother bird 1, over. Continue to LZ, we will provide cover till you get to the opening. Copy?"

Vetra let out a sigh of relief, Dutch replied to the pilot "We copy, moving now!"

As the remaining Frontier soldiers began moving, metal clashing could be heard, over the radio the voice spoke again "Is that small caliber fire? Are they asking to die? Turn the turret 42° left and teach them a lesson Kar." The 2nd pilot had knodded and turned the gun at the source of fire. Unleashing a straight 10 second burst of fire. The source had stopped.

As they moved through the gap, Vetra took point with Dutch right behind her. They would be traveling for a few minutes, so Vetra thought she would make small talk.

"So, did you have a nightmare when you were unconscious? Same as the last few orrr?"

Dutch replied with a tired voice "Yes and no. The ending was a bit different. The doc says its a form of PTSD, but I'm not sure."

"Well, we're PAS kids. I doubt a PA event can be shrugged off easily. When we meet back with the main fleet, how about we get you to a therapist? It helped me!" Replied Vetra.

"I don't like talking about it, you know that. Besides, its just dreams. I'll be fine." Said Dutch.

Suddenly, a small group of small rocks fell from above and 2 G.T.M.I. scouts fell to the ground, dead on impact and then a large 4 arm creature with Frontier armor hopped down.

"What took you all so long? I saw the gunship and ran over!" Said the creature.

"Nubasik! What the fuck!? WHO APPROVED YOUR DROP!?" yelled Dutch.

Nubasik, the 4 arm creature replied with a laugh "HAHA.... No one. The Admiral might be pissed but I heard you had some trouble going on. So I came to join the fun. I see most of the recovery team is dead."

"Yeah, we were ambushed by 4 squads of Taunis marines. When we approached the DA, we got pinned from all sides. We didnt lose many there." Explained Vetra.

"We Star Corps and Recons always get the deadly jobs. You should of expected some kind of fight!" Excitedly said Nubasik.

The deep voice came on the comms again "Thermals show 3 squads of Taunis marines at the LZ, should I clear them out or should we get a new LZ?"

"Clear them out. We are moving forward, whats the ETA on that evac ship?" Asked Dutch.

The voice spoke again "Well, it's a simple transport ship. It will take 6 of you and then the remaining 2 will hop in with us. Fire wide spread rounds and scatter missles!" A second voice came up "Understood, let heaven rain hell!"

As the gunship cleared the LZ, the group saw a big cloud of smoke and their evac in the distance.

"Double time!" Yelled Vetra.

As they ran into the smokey opening, the evac ship had landed already and its engines hot. Ready for a quick take off.

Roughly 50ft from the ship, shots rang out and 2 more soldiers hit the ground and on the comms came the deep voice "FUCK TTF! TAKE COVER! DANGER CLOSE! DANGER CLOSE!"

As the remaining took cover, 5 highly equipped soldiers appeared from the smoke and began opening fire but before their shots hit more Frontier soldiers. The gunship blew up the evac ship, killing the 5.


As the remaining 6 ran to the gunship, 12 Taunis marines showed up from behind and began firing. Missing all shots, Dutch and another Frontier soldier turned to return fire.

"GET ON THE SHIP DUTCH!!" Screamed Vetra, Dutch turned to hop in, but as he raised himself. He felt 2 sharp pains and he fell the floor of ship.

"Fuck! Get us the hell out of here!!" Yelled Vetra. Nubasik pulled Dutch over and check him. "Stun rounds!" As Nubasik pulled 2 eletric charge rounds off his back. Dutch jolted up.

"FUCKING OW!" yelled Dutch.

The deep voice came on again "We are exiting the atmosphere! Hold on!

In.... 3.... 2.... 1..... We are good!"

The other scout looked the shuttle door window and with a shocked voice. "Is that a G.T.M.I. cruiser? Why is there only 1 ship fighting our fleet?"

Vetra replied with a calmer tone "Well the assets we came to evacuate, unfortunately Taunis got to them first. They tortured them for info, probably were told it was going to be a small force. Taunis bought the lie and prepared for a small force. Don't forget, the ambush happened moments after we found the assets, covered in blood! They were waiting for us!"

The scene from the window showed the entire 6th C.F.M. fleet laying fire on the Taunis cruiser, it stood no chance against the fleet. The cruiser had lost its main thrusters and was falling into the planets atmosphere.

Then a beast like sound came onto the comms and spoke "Grah! Admiral Val Saud calling fleet, get all ships docked and prepare to jump!"

Everyone but Nubasik was clearly upset about the mission and losses we took. The gunship landed in the main command ships under dock, as the whole team were exiting the gunships. They were approached by a giant Draco, the whole team stopped and saluted him. Vetra spoke up "Admiral Val Saud, sir! We unfortunately have to report the mission was not only a failure but was a complete fucking mess! We lost most of our team! I am sorry sir!"

The Admiral looked upset but when he spoke, he was calm with his response. "As upset as i am about our failure here today, it wasn't a complete loss. We took out one of the Taunis cruisers, killed some of their marines, took out 5 TTF, and not all but some of you made it back in one piece..... what of our assets? I dont see them."

Vetra couldn't look him in the eyes as she told him. "All of the assets were taken captive by Taunis and tortured for information. They held out and gave them false information.... none of the survived... Sir..."

The Admiral raised a hand in a fist and was furious, "THOSE TAUNIS BASTARDS! At least the assets didnt give up the cause! May they rest in peace!"

He finally saluted and walked away, "Ok everyone. Med bay, we all need check out!" As Vetra looked at Dutch....

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