Heir's Fate (Hiatus)
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Heir's Fate (Hiatus)


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What is Heir's Fate (Hiatus)

Heir's Fate (Hiatus) is a popular web novel written by the author JustVandal, covering Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 31.4K readers with an average rating of 4.73/5 and 14 reviews. The novel is over and can be read all 20 chapters in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Don't you want to see your friends alive once more?" Said the unknown demon. Rey who has lost everything was given a chance to change the future, but he doesn't know this wasn't his first time going back. How many times has he gone back? How many times did he fail to remember? How many times must he suffer the same fate over and over? Join Rey as he tries to change the grim future and uncover the secrets of the cataclysm.

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Hello I'm the author! Here's a shameless review to myself. I would like to thank the people who supported this novel you guys are the best hands down. I hope to see you all in the future :o I plan to write a long story and to improve the writing chapter per chapter as much as I can so the readers could enjoy and feel immersed in the story. I would also like to add characters inspired by the supporters of this novel, so that I could thank them for their support.


I hope the author writes more about this novel. This is seriously good, the author knows how to leave the audience hanging and wanting more and I'm one of them. Please author-nim keep writing satisfy my cravings.


Reveal spoiler


Excellent prose with little to no grammatical errors. I like how the author builds up the ******* as each chapter progresses. Re: opening chapter, I suggest you don't include image links since webnovel does not support that format sadly and we can't view the linked images in the chapter. I think the only visual we can post here are our covers. Which should be original, otherwise, there might be copyright issues. Its better if you just describe the characters designs more vividly.


It took time to read it,but it was worth it! Well written and interesting plot,it is one of the major factors I read it! I daresay,you should read this book in your free time,and that free time will go on and on


So it was really a good read and I am looking forward to reading more in future. the characters are designed very nicely, I also liked how the image link was shared for the beats or demons. The only regret is that the first volume came to an end a bit too soon. Please make the future volumes a bit longer. A very good job author.


Reveal spoiler


seriously, this book is so good! it always leave me hanging after reaching the end of the chapter. hope to read more chapter coz this is a very good novel! keep writing


The prologue is really interesting. I like the portrayal of the main character and the author knows how to make you want to read the next chapter. Good job, author.


A superb way of storytelling. I found the prologue to be really interesting. It's a little sad for the friend to sacrifice themselves though. I love the idea of travelling back in time over and over fascinating as the person tries to change their fate and can't. It is a miserable situation but surely there is a chance in taking action. A good job and interesting story. The author even gives us links to help us imagine the demons.😂


I really like the story, made me interested as if I was reading my own story. When I say that, I mean your writing is like mine so I can see what your saying. Also, I reviewed your so will you please review mine


Expectacular! amazing fine work the background the character portrayal best I was intrigue maybe Ill go write fantasy next because of this XD well I really want to go brief with the characters and the settings improvement :D


This is actually good I enjoyed it! Just gotta let you know. I hope he continues this series as I am enjoying it so far, keep up the good work.


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