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Heidi and the Lord


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What is Heidi and the Lord

Read Heidi and the Lord novel written by the author ash_knight17 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, superpowers, vampire, dark, historical. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


An adopted child, Heidi was a smart and obedient girl because she had to be. Used as a scapegoat by her family, she was sent to become the political bridge between two empires. Taken in by the House of the infamous White King, Lord Nicholas Rune, she would be cared for and supervised until her wedding with his cousin, Warren Lawson. A man whose gentle appearance and benevolent manner earned him the title White King of the Empire, Lord Nicholas was a man kindest to the souls around him. Very few knew about the truth that lay beneath his beautiful visage. Who could predict a little human girl would bring out the best and the worst of a noble pureblood? ----- “Now, tell me, Heidi, why do I have a bad taste in women?” As Lord Nicholas took a step forward, she took a step back. Heidi had said too much, and she regretted it. Would he let her go free? Gulping, she warned him, "What you're doing could be considered harassment, milord." "I wouldn’t. I’d call it persuasion.” He took another step towards her, his frame towering over her. "I believe the dictionary in your library would disagree with you, milord." She retreated another step back, shrinking away, hoping he would give up. “I keep the good one in my room. You can come to see for yourself if you don’t believe me.” Her back struck the wall behind her. "You haven’t answered my question, Heidi." The Lord was too persistent, Heidi cursed to herself. He was unwilling to let her go.


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Where to begin!? This author has amazed again. The depth in the story line. The plot twists. Oh, the plot twists!! I have read many books and did not see these coming. The crossover and transitions were amazing. Very gifted aurthor. I would totally purchase this novel if it were sold in hard copy form. You don't have to read the books in order, but I would suggest it due to the fact it made the reading more impactful and impressive for me.


The beginning of the book had me agitatated. I really wanted to know like where it was going to go because it wasn't the first book that I read from this author. The amount of suspense and the turns that it took and how beautifully it came into place... I couldn't ask for anything more it was amazing. I seriously got to hand it to the author... you got me doll! Damien still my fave! But Lord Nicholas surprised me.


The second installment of this series, wow.. The "feels" is the same with The Valerian Empire, plunging you to their world with little hopes of coming back to reality.. But what's different is having a quirky butler with an apple orchard obsession.. (lol) and how Nicholas makes you fall in love with him...over and over and over..


The Valerian Empire and Heidi and the Lord should be on the Top 10 rank here in Webnovel. These books are not thqt long and that that short, it's just right in my honest opinion. 2 good novels with a very precise and strong story line . Would love to read more of these colorful story.


I have read this story hundreds of times and I still live it, though I am a bit disappointed that it’s not on Wattpad anymore. I hope you continue the series for a long time.


when I think of HLD the first thing comes to my mind is that I am still in love with Nicholas... and I want to Heidi so bad... it's the best book I've ever read... It will be my most favorite all the time.... the love between the leads is something I would want in my real life... I JUST LOVE IT <3 thank you author-san for this amazing book <3


Reviewing your own book, Nicholas. You're so damn lucky I gave your love story 82 out of 100 because your lady Heidi is sweet, gentle, and kind to me. Without her, your story will be dropping 0 out of 100 like a poop coming out from the a.s.s. A man who is a Lord of Bonelake chasing a girl's wedding dress is lame. Make up your damn mind and pick a right girl for you, stupid. However, glad that you picked Heidi. I see why you are a reader's biggest favorite man than me and the rest. You're just charming like a mask and behind that is your stupid ego with your two rotten eggs and eggplant hidden inside your pants (If you get what I mean). To Heidi: you better take care of this Lord of yours, if he treats you shi.t, you know where to find me. 😏 Alright, this novel is 4 out of 5, but just remember folks: MY love story is the best one than this novel. If you are interested and curious, please search "Young Master Damien's Pet" (My pet name is Penelope). I'm shamelessly plugging my novel in this review because why the freakin not? And I swear to the maggots, Nicholas, I'll chop you if you touch my pet. Penny is mine. Your no-*cough*-t welcome I did this review. P.S. Control Everest and Narcissus, Nick, they need to stop lurking especially in Discord.


Oh god h&D one of the best book .everything bout this is amazing the characters the imagination of the book I love every single chapter of this book and lord Nicolas 😍😍 gosh . Thanks to one of the best author in vampire romance ash thank you 😍😍🙏🏻


Heidi and the Lord is a fantastic book to read this one will leave you with wanting more.anD you couldn't miss Lord Nicholas & Heidi💏.So grab a seat and ready to be own away by our very own author san writing 💃


Another great story...once again binge read the whole book in one day. It’s like you never want it to end, seriously. Some stories are excruciatingly long and at times has chapters that are pointless or annoying where you feel that you’ve wasted you SS but not this authors stories. Yes they’re pricey but well worth in my eyes. I’m looking forward to more stories from this author...Amazing work👏🏽👍🏽


The prettiest smiles often hide the deepest scars. Let us join Lord Nicholas & Heidi as they heal each other through their undying love. 🦊🖤🐈


i can't get enough of Nick and Heidi hence why i reread this book how i want a Nick in my life😂 their love-hate relationship amused me at times. whenever Nick tease Heidi its makes me blush as if im the one who is being teased lol. if you guys searching for romantic yet roller-coaster feeling i suggest this book but first read the first series which is The Valerian Empire. i'm now currently reading Bambj and the Duke. lots of love author Ash 💜


I really like this book and the characters 💖. Thank you author for writing such a wonderful story. I'll definitely recommend my friends this story.


The story proceeds so beautifully through out the novel it blows your mind away and makes you fall in love with the characters.The world that is built is unique compared to any vampire story before and it is so beautifully depicted the hierarchy,the character's features ,the town ,the empires everything about is perfect.The main lead Nicholas's character has the perfect eerie aura around him with a perfect balance of curiosity around the female lead.The Butler who is aloof smart and extremely loyal goes well with the Lord of Bonelake.The understanding of slavery and the society's discrimination against non- vampires are well blend in the story.The story is not as complex as it seems with the best emotional touch added in the end,with a unique ending the story steals your heart more than any part of the story,giving you atmost satisfaction about reading this book.


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Nice chapter! Nice story!! Well done author!!! Nice chapter! Nice story!! Well done author!!! Nice chapter! Nice story!! Well done author!!! Nice chapter! Nice story!! Well done author!!!


Dude this book is already at my recommendation list It was a good story but I'm still reading it and collect More SS! that what you need too.


This book is really interesting so far. To be hooked by the first chapter is reslly good. And those are the types of books i normally like to read.


Heidi and the Lord OMG... I can never get tired of reading this book😍 I love everything about this book all the characters defined are really pretty good. Very big thanks to the author 😍😍😍


Unlike those novels which is full of misunderstandings between the ML and FL ..It is one of the best from the novels that I have read so far . Love this story so so much


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