85 Spirit's Evolution

About half a month passed in relative peace following the return of the ever-adventurous demigod boy. Within that time, nothing absurdly momentous occurred which, in and of itself, was an eventful matter when it involved Seran. Of course, it wasn't as if nothing happened at all. In fact, many things happened, but it's best to understand them separately.

Roughly three days into Seran's return, the city was abuzz with chatter about the Golden Crows, more so than usual. The first members of the second generation of Golden Crows hatched, heralding a true rebirth of a species. Divine Beast species have more unique circumstances for their existences. The eggs, a total of 16, a fifth of the total species population, had been laid just a year ago, during which they were constantly sunned in one on the largest trees next to Khloe's spring. Only after a full year of incubation did they hatch. As the second generation was brand new, the reproduction rate was vastly increased. From the fourth onward, however, it would return to its ancestral numbers of 5-7% per season. On top of this, Golden Crows only became adults after 25 years. That said, a new generation of Divine Beasts was still a great event.

Two days following the hatching of the Golden Crows, Rexus had finally decided on what his new life goal should be. Rather, he knew he needed one, so he did his best to find one. After many years as Andrew's chief guard and confidante, he had developed a strong sense of justice. A justice that followed virtues rather than the twisted forms of justice that were taken and abused. Five of the seven accustoming days helped him explore the city, meet new people and learn new things. In particular, he ended up talking a lot with people who were of law enforcement careers. Many of those conversations led to revelations for the Imperial Guardsman, but none more so than when he met Eleanor Greenwood by coincidence. After a good chat, she simply told him, "Follow your heart. Your heart can be one of the best things to listen to when it comes to your future. Greenwood City is a place full of opportunities, for everyone. Sometimes, you just need a little nudge to find what you're looking for." The very next day, he went to apply as an officer of the law.

Similarly, young Andrew had adapted marvellously to his new life. Within the first week, he had made a few friends that he felt a real connection with, rather than the pitifully fragile ones between nobles. Aside from a few classes that constantly made him drowsy, the prince had discovered a passion for art. He'd stumbled upon an art class for some of the older children and teens and ended up being thoroughly entranced as he watched the instructor, a middle-aged woman just beginning to grey, begin painting on a canvas. The more he watched, the more amazed he got, as it seemed to be profound yet simple. After asking Zero if her job was public information, he learned that she was a retired Novice that wanted to pioneer a new job by taking art to its pinnacle. Her mastery was flawless and seemed to infuse life into every motion, every line, and every dot on her canvas. When she completed the painting of a Fairy girl playing the flute, the painting's centrepiece actually began to play soothing music, as if it were just a window made of paint!

Apparently, if not for her left leg being crippled from the knee down, she would have gone to an Adventurers Guild or a temple and find out if she had achieved her goal. Thankfully, a friend brought her to Greenwood City, where she received assistance with a temporary prosthetic until a better one could be made. When Seran heard of her, he visited her immediately and used his powers to speak to the deities, who then gave him permission to alter her class into a new one they named as [Inkweaver]. The lady had burst into tears of joy at having her life mission accomplished, but Seran also told her that the deities knew she could go further.

The fourth event, however, was considered a huge celebration for the city. Thanks to Seran's spur of the moment alterations to the Spring Hill by expanding the spring into the underground, which increased its capacity more than tenfold, Khloe entered a state of temporary hibernation. From the third day to the thirteenth day, she slept atop the spring, constantly giving off fluctuations of natural energy. When she awoke at noon on day thirteen, her body changed from a human child's form to that of a teenage Fairy Race, which she originally had the appearance of as a spirit. According to her, Lady Demeter noticed the change and intervened, as the new capacity had expanded her power exponentially. As her previous form barely touched the threshold needed to contain it, Lady Demeter decided that it was best to evolve her. While she was not an authentic Fairy Race, as she was a spirit that evolved through external assistance rather than one naturally born by nature, her new status as a [Fairy Spirit] made her almost as beloved to Mother Nature as her eldest child.

Spirits rarely evolve, so it was worth celebrating, but Khloe's significance to the city, along with all of her assistance for three centuries, made the celebration into a festival. The fourteenth day was made into an impromptu festival on Spring Hill, where everyone was invited to enjoy the festivities. Local vendors brought food for everyone to enjoy, free of charge (though Etienne made sure to pay them accordingly later out of the city's budget), several musicians plied their trade, and an old wandering bard that had settled down in Greenwood City happily told anyone that listened about the stories of Greenwood Village and Seran Greenwood.

During all of the fun, Khloe was certainly not left out. If anything, she had the most fun of everyone, as she started dancing around to the music while several animals playfully attempted the same. The smile and laughter she had became memorized by all, especially by Seran, who sneakily photographed her using a Z-band before being urged by children to play with them. Who was he to say no?

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