64 Skyhaven City: Prince Andrew (6)

Numerous ideas flickered through the prince's mind, all of which ranged from mundane to outlandish, but concluding with all of his rampaging thoughts became complicated. This was when Seran began to speak again, "If you're having trouble, would you like me to choose for one and you can take your time selecting the second?"

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Andrew thought it over once again, and he softly nodded, "Yes, please. One is already a lot to process."

"Very true, it is particularly challenging to think over. Alright, this will be the first gift, and I'm certain it will grow with you." Seran cracked his knuckles, "You are descended from the man considered the strongest swordsman of the Western Continent, so you have his innate talent with swordsmanship. However, before arriving at the same heights as your ancestor, a sword is essential. I shall gift you a brand new unique ability that will be unmatched." He pointed a finger at Andrew, sending a bolt of light into the prince's mind and causing him to physically jolt, nearly collapsing to the ground before catching himself. "Your new skill is named [Soul Sword]. Upon activating it, a sword will form in your hands that adheres to your skills, abilities and what you find most comfortable. The more powerful you get, the more powerful the Soul Sword will be. Not only does this eliminate the cost of replacing or repairing weapons, but it can also even cast the magic spells you learn. However, I need to warn you that the Soul Sword can break if it is hit hard enough by attacks beyond your capabilities. If it does, it will cause a large shock to your body and mind, so do not treat it as an indestructible object."

Holding his head as he processed the new ability and its knowledge, Andrew sensed his new ability, though he couldn't see his status like Seran could without external items. Standing up again, he held out his right hand and imagined to activate his power. From his palm, a simple sword akin to those of Earth's 12th Century came into actuality. Feeling it in his hand, the prince gave it a couple of practice swings before noticing something odd about it, "There's no weight to it..."

"Correct. It's a part of you, so you feel nothing of its weight. Also, it cannot be stolen from you. Should you be disarmed, it will dissolve and return to nothingness, giving you the ability to summon it again. If you become capable of using multiple swords at once, you can summon as many as you want and dismiss them at will, but that will require lots of training and skill. You currently have no skills, so you can't see just how impressive this power is now, but you will in time. For now, explore what it can do, and take your time thinking over the second gift." Clapping his hands, Seran moved on, "Now, the third gift is something simple and yet profound. I don't know if you can find its likeness on the continent, but I can't say for certain that it doesn't exist." He handed the prince a small wooden rectangular token with a depiction of a World Tree. "This token bears three life-saving powers. Upon activation, it will create a shield capable of enduring virtually any attack in the world, two times at maximum. The third is, should you suffer something that is considered fatal, the lethal wound or such will be removed and you will be forcibly teleported to Greenwood City rather than Skyhaven City so that I can see you immediately."

Dispelling the Soul Sword and receiving the token, Andrew knelt and kowtowed again, "Thank you, Master. I will live up to your expectations, I swear it."

"You need not swear, Andrew, I know you can do it." Seran then turned his eyes to Rexus, "For my apprentice's loyal guard, and friend, I believe you are also deserving a reward for keeping him safe, and this is my investment in you, as well. Continue to assist Andrew and you will discover just how wise it was for you to stubbornly defend him in his lowest times." He casually gifted the Imperial Guardsman an ability as well. "As you are his greatest defense, you should have something to match that standing. This ability, [Imperial Defense], makes your defensive prowess increase tenfold as long as you are within 100ft of Andrew, and any attack aimed at him while you are within that distance is instead diverted to you. As you are best suited to be a Shield Fighter, I have also given you an increase in skill growth for the Shield Fighter skills. On top of that, I have given you a counterpart to Andrew's [Soul Sword], alternatively making yours the [Soul Shield]."

Rexus, a man who wavered for very little outside of his young prince's wellbeing, found himself overwhelmed with emotion; his stubborn stance of standing beside the pitiful imperial child through thick and thin wasn't just part of the Imperial Guardsman's creed, it was his ironclad vow to remain with him until his end after seeing all of the good that Andrew had done, even with his pitiful status. With Andrew's newly reborn status, he got to see the start of the rise that he'd long hoped to see. He was already content to be a background character for the prince, but with this new gift for his steadfast loyalty, he reaffirmed his determination to stand beside the prince until the very end. He stood and took a knee, lowering his head in reverence, "An Imperial Guardsman is not meant to kneel to any but the Emperor and his kin, but I must to you today, Sir Greenwood. I will live up to the gifts you have given me today."

"As I said to Andrew, I know that you can." Sighing and stretching his body from the constant standing in place, the demigod chuckled, "Now, let's head to the palace. Johann is at the Palace Gates right now, so if we leave now, we'll be right on time." With a smile on his youthful face, the Greenwood Demigod said, "Shall we?"

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