63 Skyhaven City - Prince Andrew (5)

Hearing this voice, the young prince opened his eyes, as he'd been using only his newfound senses to feel the changes in the environment, and beheld the being who'd imparted unto him such a blessing. "It feels so wonderful... like everything before was just me trapped under a veil..." Giving Seran a profoundly thankful look, Prince Andrew stood up and faced him, "I can't tell you how grateful I am for this gift..." He, to the only partial astonishment of Rexus, bowed deeply to Seran, "I implore the master to accept me as a disciple."

With a little grin on his face, the Greenwood King chuckled, "Accepting the son of the current emperor of the dominant empire on the continent as a disciple when I'm only a king of a single-city kingdom is rather inappropriate. How do you plan to handle appealing this to your father?"

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Without lifting his head, Prince Andrew replied, "I will tell him what you have given me, and how it started, along with your status as an S-rank Adventurer that singlehandedly ended the Alpha Chimera Calamity, an A-rank Undead Extermination quest that involved an Elder Lich, which would classify as a real S-rank quest, and granted the Hydra in Savicche the ability to speak. Just those 3 accomplishments already classify you as more than just a small kingdom ruler. Adding on your officially acknowledged title of 'World's Strongest Demigod', there's almost no doubt that he will be okay with my resolution."

"As expected, you are very intelligent, and you can see the details that can influence your choice the most. Plus, I do remember you saying that you'd be my disciple after I heal you, and even an emperor would have a huge problem going back on his words, let alone a prince." Placing his hands behind his back, Seran nodded and calmly continued, "Alright, Prince Andrew, I will accept you as my disciple. You should know the procedures for admitting a disciple, correct?"

Prince Andrew, with not a shred of hesitation in his body, knelt and performed three kowtows to the white-haired demigod, "This disciple greets the master." He remained in kowtow until Seran told him to stand again, after which he said, "What would you like me to do, master?"

Seran still had a smile on his face as he responded simply, "Be yourself, Andrew. That's all. You are now my disciple, so I will be dropping your honorific outside of formal situations. You can speak of your disciple status to whomever you wish, but do not use it to brag or threaten anyone. That being said, I doubt you'd do that, but clarification is important." The white-haired demigod chuckled a little to himself, "I never anticipated having a disciple so soon, but life is curious that way. Anyway, stand still for a moment while I use my [Analyze] on you. It's easier to teach you if I know more than just what spoken words convey." Upon his disciple's consent, Seran analyzed Andrew's status and was rather impressed by it.


Name: Andrew Alexius Eridan

Known Titles: Eridan Empire's Thirteenth Prince, Thirty-Seventh Heir of the Eridan Empire, Worthless Prince, Prince of Paupers

Race: Human

Age: 13

Rank: N/A (Never Tested)

Class: Sword Fighter

Level: 1

Bloodline: Eridan Imperial (Pseudo-Demigod)


"You've already got some less-than-fortunate titles, Andrew. Not that those will matter anymore. Because of the procedure needed to heal your physical condition, along with how it was deeply bonded to you, you've been forcibly reverted to the start of your base job. Now, because I am your master, I will confer to you three gifts for you as my disciple. The first two can be chosen by you, while the third is something else." Seran had a rather large smile on his face, "As I trust you with the knowledge of it, I am willing to tell you that I have among my numerous unique skills a special one called [Ability Manipulation]. It grants me the power to create, alter, remove, et cetera, any magical/supernatural abilities, including their properties, energy, or such, in all beings. Theoretically, I can alter an entire race with one thought. That said, I have deep restrictions on myself for it. I've only used it thrice since I acquired it: once for the Elves, one for my father and once for the Chimera siblings. Out of respect to Queen Layla, I will refrain from bringing up the details of my exchange with the Elves until she decides to make it public. As for the Chimera siblings, I gave them the ability to become separate entities of each other, but retain the power to recombine into a, albeit much stronger now, Alpha Chimera. My father received a gift of [Hyper Regen: Sleep] so that he could get rest for, say, 10 minutes and feel as if he slept 16 hours. With the overworking of the unfortunate government workers in Greenwood City, I've done what I can to make it easier, but my father remains the one with the most difficulties. Everyone else was able to take several hours off, but he wasn't, thus the gift."

Hearing the long explanation of just one ability was sufficient to utterly astound the prince and his hyper-loyal guard, who took only a brief moment to realize just how terrifying such an ability was. It took even less time for Andrew to discover why Seran was speaking of it as well, "You mean... the first two gifts... can be something made by your ability?"

"If that is your wish. Currently, I know of no limits to this ability, but don't ask me to test it to find out. All I am going to give you is what will be enough to put you on par with your peers, as you should be. How you use them is the important part. If you end up walking down a path that begins to turn you into a tyrant or into someone similar to your siblings towards others, which I sincerely hope you don't, I will remove your gifts. Now, think about what you'd like for your gifts, and take your time. This is the beginning of your new future, after all."

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