12 Seran Greenwood

It was close to dusk when the white-haired boy finished his story, which consisted of his fate from his previous world and his biggest secrets. Dusk had already begun when the council members had managed to digest such information. The boy waited patiently, as he knew it was a lot to take in at once.

The first to speak after Seran's story ended was Eleanor, who sighed deeply, "I knew you were special, just not how special, when I first met you. Your manners were exceptional and much more refined than many noble children's. Not just that, you also kept yourself busy helping around the village even when you were still recovering. Most kids would use it as an excuse to not work."

Seran smiled, "It's not in my nature to gain something in return for nothing. If this is to be my home, I must be a part of the village. I'm just happy to be the big brother of the village children, being a good role model for them." He ruffled Fenmore's hair, who had dozed off earlier next to him, "This one has been through so much already. I want him to grow up still knowing what family is, even if it isn't by blood."

Khloe fluttered a little in thought, saying solemnly, "Lady Demeter contacted me during your first week here, emphasizing that she had a hunch about a purple-eyed boy being a world-changing person and that it would start here in Greenwood Village. As she is one of the major gods, specifically of life itself, when something changes lives on a grand scale, she must be aware of it. Her decision was to find out if you would be a good change or not. After meeting you and hearing your story, I am almost positive you would be a good change for the world."

"I'm glad to hear that. Greenwood Village is my home, and if the patron goddess of the village's guardian spirit was against my addition to the villagers, I would be back trudging my way to Lightwood Fortress to become a soldier."

Etienne nodded, "You are a very special child, one that the village's children needed to have as a role model. The fact that you are already dedicated to protecting the village is wonderful. In all honesty, I'd been planning to adopt you into the Greenwood family since the start of the second week you were here. I've never seen the village so lively, even on bad days. The kids haven't caused any problems beyond little things like throwing a toy on the roof to get you to show off. Even Elder Marcus's crows seem more cheerful than before."

"Speaking of the crows, I plan to try to do the same thing I did with Storm to them. The village's avian protectors will be the first generation of the new Golden Crows."

Elder Marcus began fidgeting as he heard this, "Golden Crows, my little birds becoming Golden Crows would make me the happiest man alive."

Etienne continued anyway, "So, with Nan's consent, naturally, and with the blessing of our guardian spirit, Lady Khloe, I want to adopt you into the Greenwood family. Nan, Lady Khloe, do you agree? This would make him the village's future chief."

Eleanor was silent for a while before nodding, "I would have to agree. You still haven't managed to get yourself a wife anyway. You'd best do that before you think I'm letting you be the end of the direct Greenwood bloodline."

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Seran cut in again, "Um, I can fix that problem. The bloodline part, at least. I'm able to modify my body and my bloodlines without causing major conflicts. As long as I have a drop of blood from the chief, I can change my bloodline to be a legitimate member of the Greenwoods."

The old healer blinked a couple of times before continuing, "Still, get a wife and have a kid, Etienne. Even if we have Seran, you know I'll still hound you about it." She turned to the white-haired lad, "I won't ask you to change your bloodline, Seran, that's your decision. You'll still be a member of the Greenwood family anyway."

"Nan, you're already just like family to me. I'd like to actually be family. It's something I've wanted for a long time..." He smiled widely.

Khloe had been listening intently and had found very little to say that was negative about the situation. In fact, she was all for it. "If Seran became a member of the Greenwood family, which is one of Lady Demeter's chosen families, it would certainly bring great change. I'm all for it. Lady Demeter, I'm sure, will be happy to hear about it too."

"When we're done here, I'll modify my bloodline. When I do, you'll be able to feel it, and I'll be asleep while my body changes." He gave Etienne a cheeky smile, "So would it be dad or old man?"

Etienne gave him a light tap on the noggin, "Don't get carried away, kiddo."

Elder Miranda, who had been silent, chuckled at the sight before stating, "If Seran is the prophetic child, then there's one major thing we have to deal with: the elves. They are fine with our village, but once it begins to change from a little village, they might change their minds."

Elder Carson grunted, "Not only that, but it would also be a reason for the kingdoms to attack us."

Seran said, "I have two solutions to that. One is to make an underground city, the other is to make the beast of the Dreamless Savannah my contracted beast. If I do that, I can relocate it so we can make a city there. The village can stay the same, as it is the roots of our history. Only if it's okay will I ever begin changing the village directly. The underground city can be done either with or without the earth above it as a ceiling. However, this would make it hard for the birds, so it would be best if I made a huge ravine first..."

Etienne cut in. "Whoa, whoa, hold your horses. We'll deal with that stuff later. Right now, there's one thing you need to remember. You can't start without handling the elves first. Wait until after their visit, okay?"

Seran nodded in agreement then his eyes shined brightly, "Hey, nan, if Fen is okay with it, do you think I can make him a Greenwood family member?"

Eleanor could only sigh with a smile, "Ask him when he wakes up, Seran. If he wants to, then I have nothing to say about it."

The fairy fluttered in place again, "Don't do anything too reckless, Seran."

"I won't. I'd never do anything to harm the village or its people... Is that the last thing?"

After a brief silence, Eleanor coughed, "I'd say so. Which is good, since we should all be heading home to sleep. Seran, if you plan on changing your bloodline, wait until you get home."

Khloe yawned and bade everyone a good night before returning to the spring. Then everyone dispersed back to the village, with Seran giving Fenmore a piggyback ride to the chief's house, or rather his new home. Once they got home, Fenmore groaned, "Big brother, I wanna sleep..."

"I know, Fen, don't worry, you can sleep soon. Big brother has to tell you something important," said the white-haired boy, which caught Fenmore's attention. "Big brother is going to be changing his bloodline tonight to that of the chief's family, which will make me his son by blood. What I want to know is, do you want to become part of the family too?"

"Family? Really? You can change me into chief's son too? Then I'll really be big brother's little brother." Seran couldn't help giving the little odd-eyed boy a hug, as Fen smiled with small tears, "I want to be family with big brother!"

Etienne laughed, "You two are adorable together. Alright, if that's the case, I'm happy to have you two as my sons." He bit the tip of his thumb and drew out a drop of blood, which Seran deftly caught in his palm. "Go do what you have to in your room. I'm going to sleep. Good night, boys."

Both boys smiled cheekily, "Good night, dad!" Then they dashed into Seran's room and onto his bed.

[Greenwood family bloodline has been scanned and added to database. Are you ready to modify your body?] William was encouraging Seran to get a real family here, and he knew it was safe this way. [Since Fenmore wants it as well, I'll modify him too.]

Seran gave Fenmore a kiss on the forehead, "Okay, Fen, big brother's going to start the change. We'll both fall asleep while it happens. In the morning, we'll be big brother and little brother!"

Fenmore giggled, "Okay!" He hugged his big brother again, which Seran couldn't help but hug him in return. The odd-eyed boy was just too cute.

[Alright, here we go. Beginning bloodline alteration process.]

Both boys fell back on the bed, almost instantly falling asleep as their bodies begin to change.

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