37 Return to Lightwood Fortress (2)

Seran woke up the next morning feeling mildly stiff, groaning as he got up from his spot, where he had been sleeping against Leo's side. Walking to the edge of the camp, the white-haired demigod started doing some pre-sport stretches to loosen his muscles. William had sneakily made a personal quest for Seran that required him to do 10k pushups, 10k sit-ups, 10k pull-ups and run 10kms every day. If he didn't, he would be forced into mana exhaustion for 4hrs and have half of his abilities locked for a full day. William was brutal was training methods, as the training requirements would only get harder and harder.

The sun's rays had pierced through the trees of the valley when the rest of adventurers rose and began packing up the campsite. The only person who wasn't actively helping, outside of Seran, who was busy with his physical training, and Leo, who isn't a person anyway, was Jenn who was suffering from nausea and mild fever. Despite her third-grade Priest job and incredible amounts of mana, the death and devil power contained in the cemetery was toxic to her. All of the other adventurers were told by her that it was part of her family's inherited physique, making them weak to death and darkness magic. Seran, on the other hand, knew more of the specifics from the system: Jenn was descended from a line of half-angels. Naturally, the devil magic was much more effective on her than even a normal human. Still, it explained her talent with Divine magic, and why she had such strong senses.

Within another thirty minutes, everyone was ready to move out again. Savicche was in the opposite direction from their current location, meaning Seran would have to cross the same distance he'd traveled to get here from Chimera Hollow thrice to arrive at Savicche, which was on the southwestern coast of the oval-like continent. Lightwood Fortress would shorten that distance to only double, which was better than nothing, so Seran had everyone enter his dimensional realm before teleporting himself directly into June's guild-master office.

Unsurprisingly, the sudden appearance of Seran caused the swordswoman to fall over, shrieking, "Terra's tits!" Rubbing her head after hitting the wooden floor, June glared at the white-haired demigod, who had a shamefully apologetic look as he tried to help her up, "Did you really need to do that?"

His ears were slightly pink with his embarrassment as he fidgeted, "Would have teleported outside the city, but that might cause more problems... especially when 33 adventurers and a lion appear as well... Is there like a training ground here? I'd assume so, I've just never seen it."

Fixing her hair and brushing herself off, the female guild-master huffed and walked quickly out of the room, "Follow me." Without checking to see if Seran was following her, which he was, she purposefully marched her way through the offices, out into the lobby, around the receptionist desk and over to a pair of double doors with semi-opaque windows, which she then opened, ignoring the looks from the rest of the adventurers for her behavior, and for the kid following her, as he'd forgotten to put his hood on. Inside was a massive stadium-sized room with more than 30 people training in various ways. "This is the training hall, open to all adventurers. Generally, rank tests happen here... but you're an exception, Mr. Superstar." She had a half-grin on her face when she saw how awkward that name made Seran feel. "What do you need it for?"

"Two things, really. One is for my physical training, as you've seen the result from last night..." June laughed at the reminder of Seran's immobile state previously, which attracted yet more looks from the area. "And the other is for this." Seran opened his dimensional realm and set everyone inside onto the training room floor. Seeing 33 A-rank adventurers, not to mention a huge golden lion, appear from a kid's spell made most witnesses think they were hallucinating.

They realized it wasn't when June walked over to Theodore, who was standing near the front. "Welcome back, Theodore. It's been far too long." In person, June's smile was sweet as she stood in front of him.

The Pyromancer couldn't keep a straight face as he held June's hands. "I'd say I've missed you, but it's only been 2 days for me. Still, those endless 2 days made me miss you more, though I can't match your 2 years of waiting for me..." He was halfway between elation and depression, feeling very conflicted now that he was with June in person again.

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June rolled her eyes, "You know full well that I'd wait even longer." As usual, June was the only one capable of seeing through the emotional exterior of Theodore's mind.

While this sappy scene was going on, UHC headed out to the lobby to wait, the three Priest girls watching the two like schoolgirls experiencing romance movies, and everyone else, Adrianna included, left to go enjoy the city after being stuck in limbo for two years. Seran, on the other hand, made silent gagging motions as he over-dramatically leaned against Leo, who was doing his best to not crack up or join in. Both of them were very powerful, that's for sure, but Seran was only a 10-year-old, while Leo had a childish personality now that he could be a free and loved protector beast. Seran might have been 21 in his previous world, but his new body's youth had a heavy influence on his personality now. The only time his old mind really showed itself was during a crisis or dealing with business. Of course, watching two long-lost lovers reuniting was something he was happy about; he just couldn't help making bad jokes.

June and Theodore had become engrossed in their conversation about their two years apart, but not enough for June to ignore Seran's teasing actions, especially when the white-haired boy playfully mentioned that they had an office for being intimate, though he said it in only 3 words. Cheeks turning pink, June rolled up her sleeves, "Come here, little punk, I'm gonna give you a good whooping!" Seran giggled and ran around the training hall like a monkey, doing his best to escape from June, who proved to be harder than he expected.

[Keep running, Seran. She's got nearly 500 points in her AGI.] William was enjoying watching Seran get a bit of comeuppance, something the 10-year-old needed every once in a while from someone other than Eleanor.

"Shit, that's a lot!" Squeaking in partial fear, the demigod continued to dodge and weave all around the room, much to the entertainment of Theodore and the witnessing adventurers, some of even which started betting on how long Seran would last before he got caught.

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