80 Introductions (5)

It took about half an hour for the curious questions to subside enough for Andrew to get assistance from Seran and Rexus with escaping the barrage. At this point, Seran just laughed and asked the trio to calm down, reminding them that Andrew would be living in the city from now on, so they had lots of time to talk. "Now, I have to bring both of these guys to their new home so that they can get settled. You can see them later, okay?" Though reluctant, the three siblings did agree, cheering up a little after Andrew promised to visit when he could and gave them all hugs. As the Chimera siblings returned to their den, Seran just smiled, shaking his head before addressing the two new residents, "Alright, you've now met the three goofballs, Lady Khloe, and my dad. That only leaves Storm, who's out on patrol, and Nan, who's certainly out and about in the city right now, so you'll get to meet both of them later. For now, let's just get you two home."

After a rather long walk back through the tunnel, then down the hill, Seran and his two companions made their way through town. With his easily recognizable features, many people greeted the demigod as they passed by, with Seran responding in kind. It was well-known by now that Seran only ever used his title as the king for governmental matters and preferred to be treated like a normal citizen any other time. This made the citizens feel closer to the demigod, as most had expected him to be just like other ruling figures. He also didn't keep his past as a slum child secret either, making them also sympathetic to him yet admiring his perseverance. His transmigration, on the other hand, was only known a handful of people. One day, when he was confident enough, he'd publicize that too.

Eventually, the group of three arrived at the apartment complex where Andrew and Rexus would live. At the front of the complex was the residential office, where the managers and maintenance crew operated from. Opening the door, Seran led his companions into the lobby, which presently only had two people sitting in some rather comfortable chairs as the two managers spoke with others in separate, private offices. At first, the arrival of the three new people only elicited the natural reaction of looking to the door, but the unmistakable sight of a boy with white hair almost changed it. Only after Seran gave them a funny look, since he often had to reclarify his desire to be treated as a normal citizen, did the two managers and the two in the lobby had little smiles before returning to normal.

Having a nostalgic experience was unusual for Seran after his arrival in Aregard. Sitting in an apartment complex office waiting to speak with a manager was one of the few things that reminded him of life on Earth. He'd long since lost his desire to return, as he enjoyed his new life far too much to give it up. He just quietly led Andrew and Rexus to a couch nearby and they all sat down. As it would be a while, Andrew found a pamphlet of the complex and began studying it while Rexus began familiarizing himself with the Z-band's functions.

About twenty minutes passed before one of the managers was free, after which one of the two individuals who had been seated prior to their arrival, went in. The other manager took the second individual five minutes later. Both were apparently already residents, while the previous meetings had been interviews from those who were attempting to find a place to live on their own.

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Soon enough, after Andrew had started dozing off a little and Rexus had discovered how extremely detailed the city map was, one of the managers finally called them in. Out of courtesy for residential privacy, he closed the door before greeting them. After asking their names, the manager spent little time using the computer that Zero had prioritized the development of to pull up their information. Only a few questions were needed before the manager fully approved of their application. With the assistance of Zero, a small iPad-sized holographic screen appeared on the table, revealing the lease agreement. Seran reminded Rexus to read it thoroughly, as he was needed to know it inside and out. Andrew was given a small knock upside the head when he tried, with the demigod reminding him to act his age.

Little time was wasted once Rexus signed the lease agreement. The manager, who had introduced himself as James Kirkland, shook Rexus's hand and happily welcomed them to the complex's growing number of residents. He gave Rexus directions to the apartment, which was in one of the buildings closest to the residential office.

The walk to the apartment building was short and uneventful, though the ponds filled teeming with life drew the prince's attention immediately, along with the playground and pool built behind the office. Seran reminded him that he could go play around once he learned the location of his new home. Two flights of stairs later, the door to the apartment was found, with the apartment itself facing towards the ponds and playground for a rather wholesome view. The door had two separate methods of entry: keys or Z-band. The keys were not really needed, but Seran had had them installed in case he needed to upgrade Zero, which would potentially disable anything tied to the AI. Besides, even if controlling AI was off, the locking system was far more secure than keys could be. Luca quickly led them inside.

A semi-modern living room and furnishings were revealed to the three pairs of eyes, the oldest of which quickly beginning to scope it out to fully understand the floor plan despite having already seen it before virtually. Seran smiled and just calmly insisted for them to get comfortable and learn about their new home. With that, he headed over to sit on the couch without another word.

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