38 Home Again, Home Again (1)

Eventually, Seran was caught and given a noogie by June, making the white-haired ten-year-old squirm, "Ahh, no! Lemme go!" He struggled to escape June's grasp; he was very strong, but William had added seals to his physical abilities as well for his training. Now, he was only as strong as he was before his first awakening, making him only half as strong as June.

June kept giving Seran a noogie as she said, "What was that about getting a room, you little brat?"

"Ah, nothing! I didn't say anything!" He just kept wriggling in an attempt to break free, and fail to do so.

"That's what I thought." She dropped him onto Seran onto his feet, who then immediately dashed to freedom, a chorus of laughter following him. June shook her head and smiled, "A genius, sure, but still a little punk."

Theodore walked over and gave June a side hug, "That's just how he is, right?" Just like a lot of people that got to know the young demigod, he felt like both an older brother and a father figure. Seran was just a playful person when he wasn't doing demigod things, a child at heart. "I'd much rather have Seran stay how he is than become a stuck-up brat..."

"A problem you'd end up causing if we had one," said June casually, though it made Theodore sweat profusely. "Not yet, though. You've got two years to make up for." That statement alone caused the Pyromancer to shiver, knowing he was in for one hell of a time.


The white-haired demigod sat outside the fortress walls, breathing like he'd just run a marathon. He might as well have, considering how fast June was and how long he spent running nonstop. Beside him was a chuckling lion, who was resting casually, "You got yourself into that mess, master." The lion couldn't help teasing Seran, who just gave him a funny look. "So, where are we going now, master?"

"Since the Hydra quest isn't an emergency, we'll head back home. I'm sure June will be able to tell." Seran hopped onto Leo's back before teleporting them to Greenwood Town's northern gate, right next to the pond where the village once stood. He then summoned Ophiuchus and Draco so he could address the three of them at once, "Okay, guys. We're going into the city now, and don't panic about anything. I will be announcing to everyone about you soon, so you will always be welcome here. I must remind you, though, to listen to my family, and to Storm, when I'm not around. Storm is the oldest of the new generation of Golden Crows and our village's original magic beast protector. He's like your big brother, too, since he's also contracted to me."

The three Chimera children nodded in unison, "Yes, master."

Seran smiled, "Just call me big brother. Master makes me feel old." Seran gave Leo some scratches under his chin, then Draco some scratches behind his jaw. Ophiuchus also got some jaw scratches, and all 3 had big, happy grins as Seran rode Leo into the town. The guards of the town had been taught to recognize Seran, as trying to disguise as him wouldn't work with his unique coloration. Thus, when they saw him riding in on a lion with a small dragon and a similarly sized snake in tow, they shrugged it off since they knew he was a demigod and just let him pass.

After nearly a year since its founding, Greenwood Town had expanded from its original size of less than 1000 to nearly 50,000. 10,000 of these new residents were from the system's kingdom menu, where he could create entirely unique people. These 10k people were created via the system to be professional full-time soldiers, a standing army. Currently, they were only infantrymen, most of them being at the third-grade job of Shield Warrior, other than the few commanding officers having a more versatile role. The top general of the army was a gruff man named Rhett George, a very adept commander who, at present, only served to protect the city. Shaun, the village's head guardsman, had now been given the leadership position of the city police forces, and had grown from his second-grade job of Sword Fighter to the fourth-grade job of Swordmaster, the current best swordsman Greenwood Town had. Thanks to Shaun and his police force, General Rhett could focus on keeping the town safe, using the knowledge that he and his subordinates had gained via the education system that Seran had set up.

Even with the influx of residents and merchants, the new government's way of handling itself was much more effective than elsewhere on the Western Continent. Crime was extremely low, with the worst thing that happened since the founding being an attempted robbery. Major disputes and fights were solved quickly with the intervention of the police, who handled it in a modern way by having them settle their cases in a courthouse. Seran had also had to create and summon several officials of the law due to the lack of them. Street gangs could no longer enforce a protection fee, as the police always had someone on duty patrolling the streets.

The police presence on the streets immediately made themselves known before Seran and the three beasts had entered the throng of the masses by staying ahead of him and clearing a path whilst making sure to tell the people that it was for their safety. Many weren't happy about this, but they quickly changed their minds when they saw the 3 powerful creatures... and the white-haired boy on top of the lion, singing a song that none of them had ever heard, as it was from Earth. Several people from Earth would recognize the tune, even though the vocals certainly didn't match the amazing skills of the original singer. An odd looking instrument was held in his hands, odd to Aregard's peoples, but many from the modern age would know what it was from the song Seran was singing.

"You get a shiver in the dark

It's a raining in the park but meantime-

South of the river you stop and you hold everything

A band is blowing Dixie, double four time

You feel alright when you hear the music ring

Well now you step inside but you don't see too many faces

Coming in out of the rain they hear the jazz go down

Competition in other places

Uh but the horns they blowin' that sound

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Way on down south

Way on down south

London town"

Hearing a kid singing a pub rock song, or any kid singing any song in this day and age, was a first for anyone. Just Seran's casual rendition of the song, even as he tried to carry the emotions of the original tune, lightened the mood of the people. Many people down on their luck stopped thinking completely and only focused on the youthful voice singing. While it didn't have the authentic musical accompaniment that would require more instruments, Seran's guitar-only version still had some of its emotional appeal. A number of young residents, especially the children, discovered their passions through hearing Seran's spur-of-the-moment performance.

Seran, as he was performing in a way that made him forget he was in public, continued his rendition of a famous Earth song as William directed the three beasts to the city hall. Even they were feeling the infectious melody of the song as they moved with different steps in time with the music.

William, to himself, thought, "A new thing to make Seran do... now that he's made some musician hopefuls, he should do some concerts to introduce it more. We haven't made radios yet, but having such things already being made would be incredible." He chuckled to himself, "Another training quest to make..."

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