13 Harvest Festival (1)

The next morning, Seran woke up as the sun entered the window, groaning as he sat up and stretched.

[Good morning, Seran. The bloodline modification went perfectly. You are now a Greenwood family member, as is Fenmore. Because of the changing of some of your genes via the bloodline, your skin tone and physique changed a bit. For some reason, your hair and eyes overpowered the new genes, so you're still pretty close to being albino. Fenmore's genes changed more than yours, but his eyes remained the same. Apparently, they're special as well. His hair changed to the regular hair color of the Greenwoods though.] William did his usual update on how things went for modifications, along with what changed. [Other than that, you've unlocked an achievement and a new questline.]

"Really? What are they?" Seran wasn't that surprised about his hair and eyes staying the same. Unique colors tend to be magical in nature in this world, so they were definitely special.

[The achievement was 'Humble Beginnings'. Now that you have truly gained a home and a place to grow from, you have taken the first steps to become a king. As a reward, you have been given 2 random bloodlines, 100 Gacha tickets, 1000 points of all 3 kinds, and 5 random abilities. As you were asleep when it happened, the bloodlines and abilities were already chosen and assimilated. You gained the Poseidon and Terra Bloodlines. I'm not surprised you got the God of Water's bloodline with your Divine-grade affinity, though. Your abilities were [Infinity], [Spell Creation], [Array Mastery], [Ageless], and [Ability Manipulation]. [Infinity] is the same as the unique power of Merlin from the universe of Nanatsu no Taizai, which I didn't expect to be a part of this system... The next 3 are pretty simple to understand, while the last one, [Ability Manipulation], gives you the power to create, manipulate, remove, change or whatever else, the magical or supernatural energies/properties in all beings that give them their powers, including you yourself. Therefore, you are able to give anyone any ability, remove any ability, and who knows what else.]

"What the fuck!? Those are some insane things! All from actually getting a real home? Damn, I love this administrator status... What's the questline?" Seran was already having trouble keeping calm, so as not to wake up Fenmore, who looked positively adorable in his sleep.

[The questline is pretty simple, yet complex. It's also kind of vague without steps. It's just 'Kingdom Creation'. The only major goal is to 'transform Greenwood Village into a true kingdom.']

"Oh dear, this will be difficult already. How am I supposed to do that? I mean, I know I have the system and you to help, but it doesn't give me any guidelines..."

[Currently, the most important thing you need to deal with is the elves. You need a way to speak with their queen. Speaking their language is easy with your Omnilingualism, so you have no need to worry about that part.]

Seran began to ponder what to do going further when he heard Fenmore groan and rub his eyes, to which he smiled, "Morning, sleepyhead. How do you feel?"

The cute boy yawned, "Sleepy... and hungry..."

The older lad ruffled his hair and got up, "Come on, little brother, time to give dad a hug!" Hearing this perked up the sleepy boy, who almost tore out of the room.

As he walked out of the room after Fenmore, he heard what sounded like a thud, a loud burst of laughter, and a giggling boy. Etienne, who had just been tackle-hugged by Fenmore, was giving his new youngest son a hug on the floor, "Good morning to you too, little Fen. Are you happy?" After getting an affirmative from the joyous child, he said, "That's good. I don't want my little boy to be sad." After managing to get his giggling youngest off of him, he spotted Seran making his way over to give him a less violent hug, "Good morning, Seran."

"Good morning, dad. I'm sure Fen gave you quite a wake-up call." Seran smiled at his little brother, who cheekily stuck out his tongue and ran off to Eleanor's house. "I bet nan will be thrilled to see Fen."

"Knowing her, she will be very happy... provided he doesn't try tackling her too."

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"As happy as he is, he won't try that. He'll just give her a very big hug." Seran chuckled a little, "Today is the start of the harvest, right?"

"It is. The children won't be able to help with the harvesting, but you'll be needed. With your sword skills, you can replace several scythes for harvesting. If you make all the crows evolve, then it'll take far less time to transport everything to the storage house."

The boy said, "I've also gained a new power. I am now capable of becoming an Earth Mage. On top of that, I can create Golems for manpower. Helping with the harvest is something I must do as the future chief."

Etienne smiled, "Good, I'm glad my boy knows his duties as future chief already. You can get right to it if you want. I'm going to be beginning the preparations for the elves' visit."

"Okay, dad. I'll be doing all of the harvestings myself. The crows and my Golems will be enough to help. Everyone else can help with the festival preparations." Once they had decided what to do, Seran and Etienne split ways, with the former heading to Elder Marcus's house and the latter heading to the village houses.


"Whoo, that's the last bunch from this field. Storm, when you and your kin are done taking these bundles to the storage, you can take a break."

"You got it, Seran. We'll still be around the village if you need us." The crow deftly swooped in to snag one of the three last bundles of wheat from upheld arms of an Earth Golem before flying off towards the storage house. Two more Golden Crows, both half of Storm's size, swooped in to do the same with the remaining two bundles.

With a command from Seran, the Golems he'd summoned began to plow and fertilize the fields for the next season, giving it time to restore the fields' nutrients before they planted again. Some of the Golems also cleared the ground of things left over from harvesting and bundling the wheat. Two Water Dragons slowly flew over the fields, making a light drizzle over the fields to help the fertilizer set in. After all of that was done, the Golems moved to stand in a ring around the village like sentinels before going into a stasis mode. The Water Dragons then flew over the village and dispersed as a light misty rain over the houses.

"There, all done for the day. The next two fields can be done later today or tomorrow morning. Midday tomorrow is supposed to be when the elves arrive, so the last field should be done in the morning." Seran was pondering how to do the next steps now that he was done with the two fields he was at.

Meanwhile, in the village, children ran around putting little decorations up while many of the men and women were hanging special lanterns on the houses and in the trees. Some of the more dangerously placed ones were done with the help of Eleanor's spirit blessing and some of the smallest crows.

Fenmore charged over and tried to tackle Seran, who easily caught his little brother in a big hug. The little boy squealed with a semi-disappointed pout, "I didn't catch big brother..."

"Nope, big brother caught you, silly Fen," he poked his little brother's nose, making his face scrunch up cutely. "Have you been having fun?"

"Yup! Making the little butterflies and lanterns is really fun! Sammy keeps messing up when he tries and gets scolded by Ellie when he does." Fen happily told Seran about his experiences with the villagers, especially the children. Ellie, full name being Elena, was the oldest child in the village before Seran arrived, at 8 years old. She was affectionately referred to as the little mother of the village, because of how she was more of a parent than a child by her behavior.

"Sammy always ends up getting scolded by Ellie, but you know she does it because she cares, right, Fen?"

"I know, big brother. She helps me with everything I don't get..." He mentioned how Ellie taught him how to make the lanterns, all with a smile.

Seran nuzzled his little brother's hair as he said, "Remember to listen to Ellie if big brother isn't around, okay?" After managing to get Fenmore to agee, he set the odd-eyed boy down and let him go running off. "Now then, let's go find out how dad's doing." Seran then began to walk to his house, all while catching and dodging children.

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