22 Greenwood Demigod (4)

"Sir, the monthly report for the town has been calculated."

Etienne sat in a chair, writing quickly on various papers at his desk, "Hit me."

"We've had an influx of merchants and travelers, bringing our population up to nearly quintuple our original number. Of the new arrivals, about 75% are permanent residents while the rest are merchants or adventurers on a journey. After lots of calculating, we have tallied about 1000 people living in the city as residents, while about 200 are travelers. Only about 100 of the residents are children, the rest are adults, and only 3% are elderly." A lady wearing a semi-formal dress shirt and pants flipped through a clipboard of papers, listing off important details.

"That's a good number. Make sure they get the education they need. Housing is still currently on loan, and only the first 2000 residents get that right. If any of them don't have a house, get one prepared for them."

"I've already gone ahead and ordered several houses to be built. With the influx of residents and the new education system, finding good craftsmen has been quite easy."

"Excellent. What's next?" Etienne's eyes sparkled, even if he hated paperwork. He was still a natural leader, which included the duties of taking care of a village, or a town now.

"That would be the income and expenditure. With His Majesty's abilities, we have no need to farm, mine or anything related to such things, as he has already created self-sustaining devices for them. Because of that, we were able to save up 25% of our income. The remaining 75% was split between the salaries of the government and military workers, the child welfare and orphanage system, the judicial system, maintaining the town, and keeping the arrays running." She then flipped a page, "Next up is the census for professions. Thanks to His Majesty, we currently have 200 soldiers protecting the town as both defenders and as policemen. Once we have at least 100 professional policemen, we will be able to have the soldiers primarily be defenders of the town. We currently have 13 blacksmiths, 17 tailors, 26 carpenters, 35 cooks, of which 10 are chefs"

"Good, good. It's already been a month and I didn't think it would be going so well. Anything else?"

"Other than a handful of things like a few troublemakers going to the courthouse, nothing else."

"I see. Thank you, Erica. I'm glad I picked you as my secretary," Etienne said that, but Seran was the one who recommended her.

The brown-haired Greenwood village mother smiled, "Eti, you'd lose your head if someone didn't keep it attached. Since Nan has been given a place to retire in peace, someone has to keep your head on, and it might as well be me, since I was doing it to you when we were kids."

"And Ellie picked up that part of you expertly," chuckled Etienne, thinking of the town's resident 'big sister'.

Erica rolled her eyes, "She's decided to become a policewoman already. You'll definitely know if she has by then."

As his secretary left his office, the former village chief turned city lord swiveled his chair around to face the window that looked over the town, tapping on the armrest as he thought of everything that had happened in the last month.


Greenwood Town was founded one month ago, with little more than 100 residents from the village. Even though it was technically a royal capital, it looked like a modern town, with no fancy places like a palace. The two 'fanciest' buildings were the city hall and the courthouse, both of which were still modern in design, followed by a couple guard towers. At first, nobody took the town seriously, but after it was announced that Greenwood Town was the home of a demigod king that had managed to make the entire elven race indebted to him, and it was proven by word from the queen to various countries, people began to visit. Not many came, naturally, due to the distance, but those that did often didn't leave, as they learned that they had a second chance at life here.

It would take much longer for the little one-town country to grow, but stories of the legendary Greenwood Village residents leaving the forest with the blessing of the elves and founding a kingdom atop the Dreamless Savannah had spread like crazy to surrounding kingdoms. Still, the town was actually ruled by Etienne, who was the city lord of Greenwood Town. The legendary demigod king wasn't ever found, and there hadn't been a portrait or likeness made of him so far. Only the knowledge of him having white hair and purple eyes made him stand out. However, Seran was currently going through the Primeval Forest with Queen Layla, as he had promised to set up teleporters for her people.

Thanks to the power of the new education system, along with the many stores that had begun, everyone was given chances to do whatever they wanted, career-wise or lifestyle-wise. Several people that visited wanted to experience the education system, but Seran had made a rule about that: emissaries and important people from other countries were the only ones given exceptions to the rule of citizens only.

Etienne had sent a letter to June in Lightwood Fortress about the new town founding, and that he wished to have an Adventurers Guild branch in the town. This surprised the guildmaster, who immediately contacted the continental guildmaster. As the only S-class non-fighter, a Water Sage at that, he was amongst the most knowledgeable of the events going in on around the continent. While he wasn't an Archmage, he was still the strongest mage on the continent. He said he would send an investigator from headquarters, and June would have to take them there.

With all that had happened so far, Greenwood Town had already become a part of the world, and a regular flow of currency had formed in the multifaceted community it held.

In the future, both Seran and Etienne, along with the elven leaders, knew that the small town would soon skyrocket in size as word of it spread farther and farther, especially when the parts about the several no-longer-extinct Golden Crows that protected the town with the soldiers. Once Seran was done with the teleporters, he planned to go on an adventure and explore the world.

Who knows, he might end up becoming a more well-known legend along the way.

This is but the beginning of his journey. Now, young King Seran Greenwood, the Greenwood Demigod, would set off to change the world, one journey at a time.

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