21 Greenwood Demigod (3)

Using one of his new abilities, [All-Seeing Eyes], Seran inspected the ground of the savannah, searching for the being that made it so dangerous. Fortunately, the being seemed to encompass almost the entirety of the area. Upon inspecting them, Seran got a pop-up revealing its information:

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Species: Spirit Maze Devourer

Level: 200+

Attribute: Earth

The Spirit Maze Devourer is not a physical being, but more of a massive possessing entity. It cannot directly do anything, but it can use its innate ability [Endless Loop] to cause those who enter to wander in an endless circle until they die, after which they are absorbed by it as nourishment. Other than massive spells of at least sixth-grade or those used by an Archmage, there is no known way to kill one of these, nor has anyone succeeded in taming one.


"I figured it was a nasty prick but I didn't think it would be so strong... no wonder it's a B-grade Danger Zone. William, do I have a spell that would work on this?" Seran contemplated.

[Not currently, no. Do remember, however, you have [Spell Creation]... I recommend using Lightning, as it is the element that has the most effect on Earth.] With the insane amount of data that William now had with the administrator access, it's extremely likely that, on his own, he could create a spell that transcended the Archmage class, which can only be gained by first mastering all of the spells that already exist for your affinities, then being acknowledged by other Archmages. To date, nobody has ever exceeded Archmage without being a demigod, and the spells made by those demigods were not passed down for good reason.

"Okay then, let's get to it... Ah, I got it. Let's see here..." Using the limitless powers of his imagination, along with the help of William's data and some memories of his old world, Seran began quickly crafting a powerful Lightning Magic spell. It took twenty-some minutes to complete due to its complexity, but by William's preliminary observation, it would likely be among the strongest Lightning Magic spells in existence. "Now then, let's get this show on the road." Using a famous hand seal of the Naruto universe, the Seal of Confrontation, Seran held his hand in front of his face before raising to the sky, shouting loudly, "Heavenly Lightning: Spear of Zeus!"

The previous clear sky began to ominously darken, even over the village, as dark grey thunderclouds began to roll in, circling in the sky above the Dreamless Savannah like a tornado was about to drop. The villagers, along with the elves, all came dashing out upon seeing this, with most believing it was a natural disaster. What they saw instead was a white-haired boy casting a terrifying Lightning Magic Spell. The center of the cloud whirlpool began to churn and flicker before parting enough to see a very clear phantasm of Zeus, who raised his lightning bolt and hurled it at the ground. Almost instantly, the bolt struck and caused the entire savannah to quake and collapse, and a very faint mental scream of pure pain echoed from the shattered plains. The Zeus phantasm then waved his hands, calling the storm clouds to cover him once again before the sky's darkness was dispersed like nothing had happened.

Brannon, who had once been a Grandmaster Electromancer, knew just how powerful this spell was before it had truly struck. It had enough firepower to completely flatten a small mountain or a good sized city in just one strike. "Holy shit! What is that spell? I've never even heard of such a thing!"

Seran, who had heard Brannon's incredulous shouting, yelled back to them, "That's because I just made it, Brannon!"

The Fate Reader visibly staggered and had to lean on a tree to regain his bearings as he grumbled, "Of course you did, I can't think anyone else could create such a spell..." Letting out a deep, heartfelt sigh, he looked at Layla and said, "I hope I get used to this feeling soon. I might get a heart attack otherwise." The elf queen nodded quietly, as she was still taking in the destroyed landscape.

"Well, seems I won't need to call everyone here now. Sweet. Now then, time to do some ridiculous Earth Magic." Yet another twenty minutes of spell-crafting later, Seran and William developed a spell that could theoretically encompass everything in the world depending on the amount of mana and control one has. Placing his palm on the ground, he intoned the spell, "Heavenly Earth: Terra's Will."

Just as with his last spell, a phantasm, this time of Terra, appeared in front of Seran. The goddess of earth's phantasm held her hand on palm down, then quickly flipped it over. Upon doing so, the ground once again began to quake and shudder as the earth flowed like water into the crater of destruction. Leaving no spot unturned, Terra easily turned the destroyed plains back into the solid and stable savannah it had once been. Then it began to swell upward until it formed a large hill not unlike the one from Hobbiton in Middle Earth. Dropping her hand, the phantasm faded, and Seran stood up.

The first spell might have been the most powerful, and gave the biggest impression, but the second spell was the most versatile and therefore most important of the two. A spell of such massive scale could easily change the course of a battle, manipulating the earth to one's advantage. The creator of the spell didn't even use it for such a thing. All he did with it was create the foundation for his city. Then he opened system control menu that he'd never used before: World Management. Thanks to his administrator access, he could build almost anything for free, even custom cities, which is what he was doing now.

Everyone silently watched Seran just stand motionless for nearly 30 minutes before he said, "Alright, design complete. First thing's first: clearing the trees and preparing to remove the village... and move the spring." He walked over to the large group and spoke to the villagers, "In a half-hour, I will be building a city for us. A real city. However, this means that I will have to remove the village houses. If there is anything that you want to keep from your homes, please retrieve it. It doesn't matter what it is or how much of it there is, if it is important to you, then bring it. After the trees are changed and moved, it will be time to send off the village's old houses."

Most of the villagers were understandable unhappy, and more than a bit sorrowful. Especially the children, there were tears all around. It took Seran some time to cheer them up by explaining very quickly about the founder's prophecy, and that it was all foretold. The children didn't understand that, so he just told them it was meant to be, and that their new homes would be amazing and there's be even more space to play. With more smiles than before, the villagers went around to the houses and collected everything they wanted to keep. Seran also went around and took a piece of each house, making each piece fit together into a large rectangle-like mural, which he would magically protect and place on display later as the last wood of the original village houses, as a memorial.

It took almost an hour instead of half of one, but eventually everyone had gotten their stuff outside of the village, making it look like a yard sale of a sort. Seran turned to the elves and asked, "I will be transforming these trees into miniatures for you to take to other places. If you would like one, let me know." A couple of the female elves, and two of the males stepped forward, along with Layla and Brannon. After he nodded, Seran began to perform the second stage of Nature Magic, the phantasm of Demeter appearing as a conductor behind him as he sang. All of the trees around the village began to rustle and shiver before shrinking in synchronicity. It took a long time to complete, but eventually, each tree was small enough to fit in a small pot like a little cactus plant. The difference, however, was that their roots were protected by earth magic and life magic, so they wouldn't die.

Once this was done, Seran gave each elf that stepped forward one of the trees and told them that it would require the second stage of Nature Magic to undo the shrinking. Layla and Brannon had only just transmitted the knowledge and ability to them, but they still quickly understood what he meant. As expected, all of the elves were respectful to him, even though he waved off their praise by saying he wanted to do it.

Seran stood in front of the village and simply waved his hand towards the houses, which all erupted into flame. There he stood, with the villagers, tears in their eyes as they watched their ancestral homes burn down, but with a mix of hope for the future.

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