19 Greenwood Demigod (1)

Throughout the night, the elves experienced strange and powerful pressures coming from the village chief's house, each of which was definitely not mortal in nature. Layla and Brannon had been informed ahead of time that strange things would likely happen in the night, and would most likely be Seran's fault. This helped when they told their companions that everything was fine and that it would only last until dawn, and then not any further after. Despite this, the elves still felt a weak feeling of danger and minor inferiority to these pressures.

Meanwhile, while he was sleeping, Seran's body was undergoing yet another bloodline change. Through a combination of his Gacha Tickets and the developer console, he had gained the remaining major elemental deity bloodlines, each of which raised his affinity with their elements to Divine-grade. Outside of that, he'd also gained the bloodline of the Primordial Dragon, the ancestor of all dragons, including the Divine Beast known as the Azure Dragon. His status page now read:


Name: Seran Greenwood

Race: Human Demigod

Age: 10

Class: Spellblade

Level: 29/30

Bloodline(s): Zeus, Terra, Poseidon, Demeter, Ouranos, Chronos, Apollo, Shu, Osiris, Erebus, Amaterasu, Primordial Dragon

Affinities: All (Divine)

HP: 100,000,000/100,000,000

MP: 10,000,000/10,000,000


STR: 225 (^175)

AGI: 300 (^230)

DEX: 240 (^180)

END: 300 (^250)

VIT: 400 (^350)

INT: 500 (^450)

WIS: 500 (^450)

LCK: 500 (^450)

CHA: 300 (^250)


On top of his insane growth, his previous dual immunity to Water and Lightning evolved upon gaining all of the elements at a Divine-grade affinity. Now, he was immune to all of the elements. A ridiculous amount of new spells and abilities had been added to his list, so much that William had a migraine sorting all of them into drop-down menus just to make it easier in the long run.

When the sun's light had just begun to crest the horizon, the great pressures seemed to vanish almost instantly, leaving the elves very confused as to what happened. This only got worse when they realized that the human villagers hadn't sensed anything. Brannon linked it to his status as a Greenwood Village resident, which protected them from the powers that Seran wielded.

Soon, the villagers resumed their everyday lives like nothing had happened, spending the day cleaning up after the festival. The party was over, but the trading portion would happen the day after the party, that being today. Eventually, the elves managed to shake off their dazed states and went around the village to help, as they always did.

Layla and Brannon, on the other hand, went to the chief's house. As they reached the doorstep, Seran and Etienne stepped out, the former having a great smile and the latter looking like he was hung over when he actually wasn't: he just fell off his bed a dozen or so times last night. Seran said cheerfully, "I assume you're here to find out what happened last night, right?" Upon getting nods in response, he casually waved them inside, while Etienne left to help with the clean-up.

Layla was the first to speak after they were seated, "Our companions were mildly confused and fearful last night, and even just ten minutes ago they were restless. What on Aregard happened?"

Instead of speaking, the lad had William deactivate [Inspection Immunity] again. The scene from the day before reappeared again, except this time there were 12 phantasms instead of 3 and 2 silhouettes. Three of them were familiar, as they had appeared previously: Zeus, Terra, and Poseidon.

The fourth silhouette was a woman with a graceful figure, shoulder-length green wavy hair, and bright green eyes. Wearing a dark green maxi dress with a right-side high slit sash, accented with many colors in ever-changing designs of living things, she gave off a general feeling of harmony and comfort. A wreath of flowers adorned her head, and an ornate sickle was strapped to the side of her right leg. This woman was undoubtedly Demeter, the goddess of life herself.

Beside Demeter was a man that was very hard to describe, as his appearance was ever-changing. At times he was muscular, other times he was skinny as a bone. His hair was as black as the midnight sky, as were his eyes. His skin was just as hard to pin, as it was an ever-shifting shade of black and white. Most frequently he was very muscular and taller than the others, and his face bore an expression of total apathy. The god of space, Ouranos, was one of the most enigmatic deities in Aregard, and even the sculptors in the Monastery of Fate had trouble when they made the statue of his likeness.

Another difficult to describe man stood next to Ouranos. While his hair always remained grey, at times it was long or short, as was his beard. Sometimes he looked like a child and others he looked like a man with a foot in the grave. The most consistent appearance was a man who had just passed his prime, with grey eyes full of wisdom. In one hand he held a staff with a circle at the top, within which an hourglass rotated and spun slowly. Wearing the robes of an old traveler, this man was Chronos, the god of time.

After Chronos came a man with eyes like miniature suns, and bright yellow hair like a corona. Over his head with a halo that sometimes let out rings of light. A young man of average build, his face was full of youth and energy, as if he was ready to do anything. Wearing a chest-revealing himation, with an almost comically large golden bow strapped across his back, was Apollo, the energetic god of light.

An old man with long, unkempt hair that always looked like it was going through a storm, and a sash covering both of his eyes, stood next to the god of light. Wearing a cloak that was ripped in places from the nonexistent wind raging through it, Shu, the god of wind, held an ancient pan flute with both hands, the sounds of which were just as the wind.

A dark-skinned and thin man was beside Shu, an atef crown upon his head. With a crook and flail in each hand, his bright yet somehow dead eyes seemed to have seen too much of the world but still bore a mild sense of hope. This man, wearing a shendyt, was Osiris, the god of death. As someone who had died and been reborn as the god of death, he had seen almost as much of death as Demeter has of life.

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The next man was easily the hardest to describe, as he was literally a silhouette of pure darkness. The only features one could see of him were that of a cow-skull helmet that revealed the bottom half of his face and the loose, flowing robes that rippled and fluttered. This god of darkness, Erebus, had utterly stumped the sculptors at the Monastery of Fate, who only managed to create a figure similar to the legendary Grim Reaper with the help of an ancient Oracle.

Standing beside Erebus was a beautiful woman wearing a regal kimono, with a disc surrounded by fire hovering around her head. With a small eight-sided mirror hovering over her left palm, and an ancient Eastern sword held in her right, the goddess of fire, Amaterasu, gave off sensations of both hearth and home, and of the beautiful power that fire held.

Finally, behind the two lines of deities was only the head of a phantasm, the rest of which was obscured in a mist that seemed to be endless due to the size of the head, which was around that of a standard modern 4-wheel-drive farm tractor. With iridescent golden scales and sky blue irises, the massive dragon head gave off a truly awe-inspiring aura that didn't lose out in the slightest to the deities before it. This showed the almighty power that the ancestor of all dragons, the Primordial Dragon, had.

After letting the two take in the phantasms, Seran dispelled them and had William reactivate his [Inspection Immunity]. He then sat back and let the elves process what they had just witnessed.

Brannon was the first to speak in the silence that filled the house, "All 11 major gods... Not even including the one I don't recognize, the dragon one, there's not a single major deity missing from your bloodline phantasms... You are without a doubt the strongest demigod to have ever existed, and you're only 10 years old..."

"It's not surprising you don't recognize the last one, as it is extremely ancient. It is the ancestor of the Azure Dragon, the Primordial Dragon."

"The original dragon!? Gods almighty, you really never run out of surprises do you?" Brannon snapped as he heard this, as he certainly knew of the Primordial Dragon, but nobody had ever seen its appearance.

Seran smiled widely, "Well, life wouldn't be fun without surprises, would it?"

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