45 Greenwood City (2)

Thanks to Seran and William, Greenwood City skipped several centuries of scientific breakthroughs to make up for what it couldn't handle with the technology of their medieval-type era. Hence, it wasn't too surprising for Seran, as the only person with the information of it in the first place, to be titled as the most influential inventor in the world, despite it only being in one location.

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Of course, even though he had done that, and had more-or-less managed to stabilize the rapid growth rate, it wasn't always enough. Merchant caravans spread word in their travels of the insane technology of Greenwood City, which once again doubled the rate of growth. For a week straight, none of the government employees, including policemen, got any decent sleep. In fact, Etienne didn't sleep for the entire week, which was only possible via Seran's [Ability Manipulation] power. With the aid of William, Seran gave his father the ability of [Hyper Regen: Sleep], which would multiply any brief period of shut-eye by at least 100x. After a ten minute nap, Etienne had gained the same amount of rest he'd normally need 16 hours of sleep to get. This was undoubtedly vital in keeping the city functioning in its exorbitant inflow of new residents.

Once again, due to the rapid growth of the city, the soldiers were needed to serve as policemen until either a great number of new policemen happened or the influx began to slow. Thankfully, with four S-rank magical creatures, at least one of which was a true Divine Beast, and the wholehearted backing of the entire Elf Race, next to nobody dared to even consider the act of conquering, even through bribery and blackmail. Considering the benefits of being a part of the growing economic powerhouse that was Greenwood City, every resident had silently vowed to protect their new home with their lives. After all, it was the only place in the world that could change the lives of anyone who entered.

Other than the insane growth rate of people, the forcibly advanced technology, and the overwhelming military power of Greenwood City, the thing that also made great changes was the modern laws that Seran and the government leaders had decided to implement. Almost all of them were influential even outside of the one-city kingdom, especially one that was very detrimental to those of criminal organizations. Slavery was illegal, as was indentured servitude without judicial approval (such as in the rare case of a criminal being given a life sentence as a farmhand without parole), but new countries always attracted criminal organizations that wanted to use it as a foothold. While they could fool the inspection items at other towns, the ones that Greenwood City had were far more advanced. It would even read out secret information about those who used it. Say an upright merchant who secretly ran a smuggling ring for slaves touched it, it would show [Slaver] alongside their actual occupation, while a slave that was very well disguised by said merchant would also have to be checked, in which case it would read [Slave]. As each use was recorded by Zero, everyone who used it was documented in detail, making their capture rate skyrocket like their city's growth.

Within the first two weeks Seran had been back, he'd managed to root out a criminal ring that had only just began, with a total of 12 members and 30 slaves. Half a dozen caravans of 20-50 slavers were apprehended and dealt with accordingly, making Greenwood City the one city in the world with the lowest crime rate.

All-in-all, Seran had managed to change the world even more in a month than he had in the last year.


"Dad, I'm going to head out now. I've got to handle my last quest before the month ends in two days. I'll be back in no more than two days." Seran had put on his custom leather trench coat style armor, tightening his combat boots before getting up and walking over to give his dad a hug, as he knew Etienne would want one.

Smiling, the city lord returned his son's hug, "Don't go blowing anything up, kiddo."

"Pff, I won't, dad. It's Savicche, a port city of the Tigrene Empire. If I destroyed it, it would have massive problems that might be beyond what I could afford to give to other countries that aren't in a mutual alliance with us. Not to mention that Tigrene is one of the three major powers on the continent..."

Ruffling his son's hair and getting a pouty face in response, Etienne chuckled, "You know what I mean, kiddo."

"Yeah, I know, dad..." Seran smiled before heading outside of the city hall, his father sighing with pride behind him. Once outside, the young demigod jumped with great power, rocketing up into the sky before activating his flight powers. With a sonic boom, Seran powered through the skies toward Savicche to the southwest.


Nearly five hours of flying later, Seran had only crossed half of the distance despite going at 10 times the speed of sound. Considering the size of the Western Continent in its whole, this was understandable. It also didn't help that several Danger Zones were in the direction he was trying to go.

As he flew, Seran saw many things that intrigued him, such as a handful of adventurers in the wild, several strong beasts, unusual areas of weather, and several strange Danger Zones. One of the Danger Zones he passed was a volcano several dozen times bigger than Mount Everest on earth, with numerous Fire-type creatures crawling over its surface or flying in the air. Admittedly, he wanted to stop and explore, but he had a quest to finish, so he reluctantly kept flying, ignoring a handful of warning shots from the territorial fire beasts.

Continuing on his way, Seran soon came across something he didn't like: the ruins of a small town no bigger than 10,000 people. Landing amongst the destruction, the young demigod used his magic to search the area. After scoping out the area, he quickly spotted the only building that had taken the least amount of damage: a tiny castle that seemed to be used as a shelter. Hoping to find survivors, he trudged his way over the wreckage, remaining cautious as he did so.

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