44 Greenwood City (1)

In the blink of an eye, time flew, and soon it had already been nearly a month since Seran had returned to Greenwood Town. As he'd promised, he'd stayed almost until the end of the month, spending almost all of his time going around town and doing things for the people. He was always happy to play with and perform magic tricks for the children, pleased to be able to do concerts and give guidance to those who chose musical arts, excited to teach new things to his people, and joyous when new people came to join the town's growing population. In the nearly 4 weeks since his return, the news of his abilities had spread between countries faster than wildfire, and immigrants flowed into the city like streams every day. So many people had moved into Greenwood Town that more city hall workers were needed just to handle the number of applicants, and William had to speed up the process even further with his assistance. Their 10,000-some number had swelled to nearly quadruple in these weeks, far faster than anyone had anticipated, and the city was rapidly expanding thanks to Seran's abilities.

To cope with the rapid influx of new residents, Seran and William had to brainstorm some ridiculous ideas and eventually managed to come up with something good. Using the power of a spirit, more akin to William than to Khloe, they would create something equivalent to a supercomputer that would manage the entire city from within. Creating a supercomputer-like spirit entity wasn't difficult, as it was without emotions; the problems came with linking the spirit to William's system database and world management comands and to Seran's infinite mana.

Seran and William created the spirit, code-named Zero, and had it anchor itself to the city hall. From there, they did some finagling to get the linkage to Seran and William's powers correct, then set up the management authorities for the access. Highest access was, naturally, Seran and William, followed by Etienne, the Council of Elders, and the various government/military heads. Then the lesser officials were above the regular citizens. With Zero's massive capabilities as a supercomputer, Seran also devised a banking system and founded the Heavenly Bank, which was apparently the first of its kind on the Western Continent.

Needless to say, Seran had several exhausting weeks of work intermixed with brief intermissions of peaceful activities.

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With the massive influx of people, the young demigod had to build apartment buildings that stretched higher than some of the inns, the tallest standing at 10 stories tall, each story holding at least 10 apartments of varying sizes. This made the growth more manageable, while also catering to those who couldn't afford some of the houses, or didn't need them.

In summary of everything over the course of almost a month, Seran had forced technology to jump forward several eras just to make up for the lack of necessities for such ridiculous population growth.


On the 27th day since his return, Seran and several people of various ages stood doing basic martial arts practices. Seran, as the instructor, was teaching a technique set that William had devised, one that could be used as the bare basics for all martial arts techniques involving only the hands: [Ten Hands]. It was so easy to learn that virtually anyone that saw it could learn it just by copying the movements, hence it was referred to by the citizens as the basic martial arts technique set. The sets that came afterward were more unique, but the influences of the basics were prevalent, thus the [Ten Hands] was also called the foundation of the martial arts styles that had begun from the city.

Each time Seran taught a class, he had Zero record him so that he could have a hologram take his place to teach. He did this for everything from martial arts to music, to cooking and even magic. All of the new martial arts styles that Seran had introduced through his school were the bare basics for both armed and unarmed combat, and each following technique required one to have a good foundation before learning them. Having holograms to teach it uniformly each time would make it much easier for everyone to learn without having Seran personally be there.

While Seran's basics would eventually spread internationally, and even on an intercontinental level, the unique style of the later techniques would be uniquely titled as the Greenwood Style. Soon enough, a sect would be formed in Greenwood City that would cater to various arts, such as crafting, magic and martial arts. Through this, the Greenwood Style would become famous as being created by the World's Strongest Demigod, who made martial arts easy for everyone to learn and crafted a brand new style from his ideas. Techniques for sabers, swords, daggers, bows, throwing knives, chain-daggers, palm and fist, polearms, spears, and so many more would be formed from Seran's genius intellect and William's amazing support.

Seran had even made a vow two days before, when he thought of doing such things, that he would only use his own creations in combat. It wasn't to spread them in his travels, but to become one with them completely. This way, new ideas would come to him at a much greater rate, as would enlightenment of such things.

As for magic, Seran also managed to simplify the methods of learning magic to several stages: sensing mana, feeling mana, channeling mana, imagine the desired result, cast the spell, then release the spell. Each class for magic he taught required an actual mage to be present to supervise it, in case of accidents or emergencies. He even created a new tier for magic spells: zero-stage or Tier 0. These spells were so easy to learn, let alone use, that most children starting school for the first time managed to learn them. Granted, each and every student was told repeatedly about the dangers of magic, so as to instill the knowledge of what could happen into their minds early. This didn't always work, of course, since several kids still ended up trying to make fire appear and instead made either their hair catch on fire or blow something up. Children are extremely curious and impulsive beings, so it was natural for them to experiment with things they didn't really understand.

After 27 days, Seran now had seventeen titles, a handful of which he would use throughout his life:


Titles: World's Strongest Demigod, Greenwood King, Greenwood Demigod, Elven Benefactor, Chimera Tamer, Lich Subjugator, Heaven's Child, Once and Future King, Matchless Teacher, Living Library, People's King, Magic Sovereign, Combat Sovereign, Race Regenerator, Overlord of an Era, Progenitor of the New Age, Technological Progenitor


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