75 Citizen Registration

By now, Andrew and Rexus had developed a belief that Seran would do no harm to them at any point, so they wasted no time in following his words. Once both males entered the ScanPods, the tube's rotating door closed and sealed, providing the ScanPod with complete access to every angle for scanning. Two blue rings of light formed, one at the top and one at the bottom of the ScanPods, which then moved up and down several times at a slow pace. At the same time, two vertical blue lines, each on opposite sides of the tube, spun around the ScanPod's surface. Every now and then, Zero would prompt the two to perform a small action, such as blinking several times, twiddling their fingers or raising their arms above their heads as best they can. By doing so, more data, such as reaction time, could be gathered. One of the scans required the pair to speak a set phrase so that Zero could record their vocal signature. Magic signatures were gathered by having the occupant circulate mana while thinking of performing an action.

After twenty minutes of borderline invasive observation and recording came to a close, the two ScanPod occupants had to rub their eyes after all the blue lights as they stepped out. Zero's voice came from the room's built-in speakers, "Scanning completed. Residential status granted. Andrew Eridan and Rexus Maro are now listed under Category A: Humanoid, Subcategory A: Human, and are now Class 1: Civilians."

Seran smiled as he quickly explained, "In order to make the data easier to organize and understand, we had to set up a classification system. It's purely for the system's benefit and has no impact on the social order of the city. There are currently 2 Categories, Humanoid and Non-Humanoid, under which are several subcategories such as Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Tigers, and more. By doing this, finding information takes less time than sorting through a ton of files at once." The young demigod continued as he sighed, "As for the class system, there is no order to it. No class stands above or below any other, as it is entirely for the system to manage information. Most citizens are Class 1: Civilians, which can cover night uncountable walks of life. Military servicemen are Class 2: Military, while emergency personnel such as medics, police officers and firemen are Class 3: Emergency Personnel. Those directly involved with the government's operations, such as my father, the City Lord, or the three members of the Elder Council, are Class 4: Executive. Then there is the unique fifth class, which is where most, if not all, of the strongest individuals, are in, Class 5: Special Individuals. Finally, there is Class 6: Non-Mortal. At present, there is only one being belonging only to that category and to no others, and that is our resident guardian spirit, Lady Khloe. Other than her, I am technically the second member of that class, but that's all. Officially, Lady Khloe is the only Class 6 individual on record, while I am a dual member of Classes 4 and 5. There aren't too many dual-classes, for intentional reasons."

After the rather wordy explanation from the demigod king, Rexus was the first to speak, "As we have only just been registered and have yet to take up any position, I assume that we must first become accustomed to Class 1 before taking it upon ourselves to find purpose?"

Seran nodded calmly, "Indeed. For now, you two don't have to actively try to find a place to begin. Take your time and get used to the city first."

The door to the ScanPod bay slid open with a minor whir as Etienne appeared, giving his son a look a father would give to a troublesome child, "You say that like you won't cause an uproar every time you return home." The white-haired lad chuckled shyly, a small blush on his face, as he walked over to give his father a hug. Etienne said to the pair of newly registered citizens, "Welcome to Greenwood City. I hope my son hasn't been too outrageous."

This time, Andrew spoke first, "Not at all, sir! Master would only be outrageous if he tried flipping a city." Though this was spoken randomly, all four males knew it was well within the realm of possibilities with the young demigod. "Ah, manners!" He politely bowed to Etienne, "City Lord Etienne, I am pleased to meet you. I am Andrew Eridan, 13th prince of the Eridan Empire and first disciple of Master Seran."

Etienne fully heard what Andrew said, but he had little time to process as Rexus spoke up, "Likewise, sir Etienne. I am Rexus Maro, Imperial Guard of his highness."

Briefly taking a moment to collect his thoughts, the City Lord gave his son a withering look, "As usual, you come back home with abnormally incredible gains. Last time it was an Alpha Chimera, now it's a prince of the Western Continent's dominating empire and his guard. On top of all of that, the prince is your disciple?"

Unable to come up with a decent excuse for himself, as he knew that his luck was obscenely good, Seran just awkwardly smiled, "Hehe... You can ask them almost anything, dad, they'll tell you all about what happened." He then quickly shifted the topic before it went any further, "Before I forget, though your identities as an imperial prince and his guard are very important, within Greenwood City, those identities are only titles. For the foreseeable future, the two of you will have to live exactly as the rest of the citizens do, and build your way up on your own. All that we provide to new citizens is a house and about 500 silvers to last them the first month. After that, you're on your own. Furthermore, you cannot divulge your original identities to anyone without approval from myself, my father, the Elders or Zero. This means that you must, at least for now, adopt secondary surnames."

Andrew took this surprisingly well, "No problem! I've always wanted to be a normal person for once. Now it's like a distant hope became reality. Whatever I have to do to enjoy normalcy, I'll do it. How do I go about getting the second surname?"

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"Zero will record it and add it to your record. Aside from those it pertains to and those that need to know, all that anyone will see will be your secondary name and identity." Etienne was just as clear about Zero's abilities as he was about Seran's uniqueness, "As for what the names are, that's up to you two alone."

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