4 Young master Yang Han

Lu Yan watched as the boy walked away not even turning back once to look at her. She was baffled because this was the first time she felt fear while facing a person who was similar to her age. She gripped her sword tightly, She had to improve her cultivation once again otherwise she would be left behind by many other talents that exist in the continent. All these things she was overthinking herself. Lu Yan left decisively because he couldn't defeat her and seeing that she had a helper in the king's realm watching over her he knew the opposite party was not ordinary.

Her train of thoughts was interrupted by Elder Su who had come to her with a nervous look on her face. The young lady was almost killed by someone in front of her and she couldn't even protect her. Thinking of something happening to the Young lady, She felt cold all over her body. Her whole family would have been destroyed in seconds if this news were to spread to the family. Elder Su looked at her young lady and made sure that there were no wounds and then let out a breath of relief.

"Young lady, should I Kill that Brat for almost killing you now, We shouldn't let this matter spread" Elder Su narrowed her eyes, and killing intent emerged from her eyes.

But Lu Yan just narrowed her eyes and then sighed, "No Need, Something doesn't feel right with that guy, His eyes were not something I have seen before, His killing intent was concealed better than those generals who have even killed hundreds of people"

"This is impossible, That brat does not even have any cultivation, how could he kill anything, even low-level beasts can kill him easily" Elder Su thought that Her lady was thinking too much. For a Brat who does not have a hint of cultivation in him, the risk was not worth it.

"No Need, remember what we are here for, Brother has asked me to come here so that I can break through the lower realm of my sword intent, I have to do that before that happens, Time is not running out, We do not need to waste time on trivial things" Lu yan looked at the retreating figure once more and then looked down the valley, Green cloud valley was always a place of mystery with thousands of myths surrounding it, There was a rumor that a sword emperor once used to live under the valley and hunted down by other emperors he fought them to death under the valley.

Although all of them were rumors, some days ago she got evidence that some of them were true so her brother sent her here so that she could achieve a breakthrough in her sword intent. She has always been regarded as a genius and most probably the next sword empress but the slow increase of her cultivation in the intent lead to her frustration.

she flew back to the spot where she was training and with a flick, her sword came out of her sheath, What she didn't know was her meeting with the boy in white was the beginning of a legend that the whole martial world would talk about in the coming thousands of years.

This was where the Lady in Red and the Boy in White first met before they become Legend in the martial world.


City Tower, East yard

Two people were sitting in the spacious yard having tea, One was an elder with white hair and the other one was a young boy of 16 or 17 years old, He had a handsome face and the heroic face could make a first good impression when a person looked at him,

He was chatting with the elder and there was a slight smile on his face when he was talking to him,

"Why would the young master from the prestigious yang clan come here. This is such a special occasion would the young master have any commands for us" The elder in front of him was Gu yan, A elder in charge of the East yard of the city tower, Mainly this guy had a relaxed lifestyle because the east yard was always in command of the intelligence network of the continent. All they had to do was collect information and send them to the higher-ups above.

This time a young master came here and that too someone from the prestigious Yang clan, He didn't whether he had to laugh or cry. So now he had a respectful expression on his face while serving tea.

The man called Yang Han took out a portrait from his sleeves and opened it, He gently opened it with an obsessed look on his face, A fairy-like beauty came into view when the portrait was opened.

"Gu Yan, I want to know the movements of the lady in the picture, Don't make contact, only observe her from a distance, Probably there would be a King level servant beside her so make sure she would not notice the follower" He took a sip of tea and looked at the man in front of him with a slight smile on his lips.

Gu yan took the portrait from his hands and looked at and one look he was dumbfounded, What a beautiful lady, She was holding a sword covered in a red dress, Her heroic aura can be felt from the portrait itself.

Seeing that the man had an awestruck expression on his face while looking at her the man sitting opposite had a slight smile on his lips. This is what he felt too when he first saw her, The arrogant sword princess, The ice-cold fairy who was above humans, No one was Good for her to become her partner. But Yang Han was different, He was sure that he could get her heart.

But before that he had to complete his mission here in this pathetic small city, He looked outside and he could see the Li clan from here, He narrowed his eyes and a cruel smile formed on his lips which were completely different from the gentle smile before,

Now then How would the Lin Clan be destroyed in front of his plans?

What he didn't know was that there was a boy who was lazily lying in his chair, looking at the valley in the Lin clan, Someone who was above his common sense.

Now, where would the story go.....

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