3 The Girl In Red

Li Yang looked at the boy cowering in front of him and shook his head and walked towards his residence. All through this Li Zheng looked fierce he was nothing but talk. He didn't have time to deal with this type of person who was never going to amount to anything in his life.

Li Zheng was furious seeing total disregard from the boy in front of him. When was this young master ever been afraid of a person in his same generation? If it spread to his fellows in the clan where would he place his face? He had to get rid of this Li yang from this clan to make sure that he became the clan head without any problems.

The world of nine continents consisted of nine continents as the name suggested. Although the city of green cloud could be considered a huge city in size but compared to the other cities under the bigger continents there was nothing special about it. Although the Li clan can be considered a behemoth in the area there was also the city chief tower that is presiding over the city.

They never took part in any conflicts between people or clans. They were always regarded as the symbol of power by the common people due to their existence in every city. All the people believed that take action when something notable happens to the city a lot of hidden experts were present in the chief tower and they can only like a beast tide or a calamity.

Li yang walked to his residence at a very slow pace. Maybe due to staying in the valley for the past two years, he was accustomed to his slow-paced life. Every wind, Drop of rain, or even a blossoming flower in the valley felt like a part of him. He was accustomed to all the parts of the valley. He walked through a narrow passage that led to a clear waterfall. This was one of his favorite places in the valley.

There was a sword in his hand which he caressed occasionally when he walked slowly and slightly stepping on the land to avoid the rain-soaked forest. The hilt of the sword was blue but the blade was pristinely sharp, the sheath of the sword was also blue. There were two clear jewels on the hilt of the sword which gave it a royal touch.

He looked calm and collected and with the sword in his hand, he looked sharp without a touch of weariness. He came to his usual spot at the lake and looked around; everything was the same as it has been for the last two years. But soon something caught his eye. There was a Figure in red that was standing in the middle of the waterfall. She had a sword in her hand and seemed like she was thinking of something looking at her furrowed eyebrows. Li yang looked at the girl who was standing in the middle of the waterfall. The girl was indeed beautiful as a fairy. She had a very shapely figure as well as with the sword in her hand she looked heroic. If it was any other men he would not have been able to avert their eyes looking at the beautiful fairy-like lady.

But Li yang was feeling pissed, He hated when someone disturbed him and especially after he was disturbed once by the brat Li Zheng, here comes another person although it was a lady he never cared about that. He was about to say something to the lady when the girl in front of him vanished and appeared in front of him.

"It is rude to stare at someone who is cultivating especially when it is a lady that is doing so. Sometimes it can lead that to your death. Tell me how you want to die". Lu Yan was already having a bad day when trying to advance her sword force and when she thought she had interpreted something she was disturbed by some scoundrel who was peeping on her. Men were all the same and she was fed up with people like him.

Although she had not noticed earlier, looking closely now she noticed that the boy in front of her was very handsome. There was a slight frown on his face like she was the one who wronged him. But there was no fear even when her sword was right on his neck. Something was not right why this boy is not afraid.

"Young miss it is rude to trespass into my valley and also points a sword at my neck. If you try to kill me you will die too. Should we go that far?

Lu Yan looked at the boy like she was looking at an idiot. What do you mean by dying together? The sword is in my hand and it is your neck that is below it why should I die. But a shiver run through her when she looked down there was the exquisite dagger that was pointed right at her heart which he hasn't noticed until now. If she had intended to kill him she would have died too. A death for a death. She looked at the boy in front of him Dumbfounded, so cruel.

Li Yang Looked at the baffled expression on the face of the lady in front of him. Well, he had not intended to pull out his knife but years of hardships made his body respond on the brink of emergency. He retreated his knife and took a step back away from her, still carefully sizing up whether he needed to pull out his knife again. Although he could surprise her now with the knife when it comes to the actual fight the lady in front of him was strong and he would have no way of winning against her.

He turned around and intended to go back to his home when he noticed something and slightly looked at a distance to the covered-up grass in the distance. The grass moved and a middle-aged lady came out of the cover. She had a baffled expression on her face while facing the boy who had an annoyed expression on his face. She had seen the whole scene play out in front of her eyes. Her young lady almost died in front of her and even before she could move the boy retreated. And what shocked her, even more, was that the boy noticed her too. This boy was not simple at all.

Lu Yan looked at the boy who was staring down at the middle-aged elder and was speechless. Was this boy not afraid of death? He even dared to stare at Elder Su when he had the lower cultivation. She wanted to laugh out loud; she didn't know there were such lunatics in the world.

Li Yang sighed and looked back at Lu Yan and spoke in his indifferent voice.

"You can go back after finishing your cultivation but don't make any big sounds. I don't like being disturbed" This was not because he had a generous heart but he was weak now and it was not wise to provoke someone like this beautiful woman for a bit of peace of mind. To irk a woman was the dumbest thing to do in the world and he knew that very well.

Lu Yan was again surprised; He relented and agreed to let it go. Is it because he is weak or is it some other ploy to convince her that he was a generous man like all other men who had devious plans in their minds. But he just walked away from her without saying anything else.

What is your name? How come I didn't know there was someone like you in the Li Clan" Lu yan looked at the retreating figure and asked loudly.

My name is Li yang, you must have heard of me from the clan head. Finish whatever you were doing and leave quickly" He didn't turn back and answered her.

The famous young master who never left the valley for two years was this boy. He didn't look like a cripple to her. She almost felt a chill in her heart when he looked at her earlier. This Li Yang was not simple.

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