1 The Death of a God - Prologue

A Wind blew across the plains carrying the scent of blood as it was scattered everywhere dying the land red. the vast amount of beheaded corpses formed a hill and it contained species of different races. Somewhere having horns while somewhere having wings and it showed that the battle was truly terrible. The abnormal beings were known as demons or rather heavenly demons and were one of the strongest species present in the world they hated gods or rather divine gods which sparked a wild spread war between them.

One side of the plains was completely covered by demons and all of them were adorned in shields and swords looking straight ahead some of them looked at their leader waiting for him to take action, But looking closely all they could see was fear and worry in commander's eyes. He had the head of the dragon but interestingly the body of a human. he was adorned in gold armor which has cracks here and there. But his eyes were still fixed on the figure in front of him and while looking at the person his hands shivered, all he could think was about the massacre that person in front of him unleashed while he entered the battlefield. He was stronger than any of them and they were still not able to stop him even after deploying their strongest formations. He sliced through them like tofu. the steel blue blade was like a natural disaster to them. Wherever it went heads flew, bodies got dismembered but he kept on becoming stronger and stronger and that is until now.

The Heavenly war god was said to be the strongest god among the divine beings who never lost a battle in his whole life. His Weapon was known as the heaven destroyer which was said to be able to slice through voids and heaven. The Heavenly demon stared at the person who enjoyed such prestige kneeling in front of him as he was covered in blood not knowing whether it was his own or from his defeated enemies. but now he was just kneeling there holding another person on his lap. It was a women with beautiful red hair. Her face was something divine itself, breath takingly beautiful but slightly ruined by the stream of blood streaking down her mouth. Her red armor was riddled with big hole right near her chest but her face had a slight smile on her face. Her one hand caressed the face near her looking at her with his tear filled eyes. He was still breath takingly handsome just like when she met them all those years ago. Her lips slightly moved like flowing water.

"Helion i am so happy just because my wish has been fulfilled. I was able to protect you one last time and now i can depart peacefully, if there is a next life i will still be your bride my love"

although she wanted to say more but her breath finally stopped and the hand caressing the face fell down lifeless to the side, All he could see was the tear drop that fell down from her eyes. He felt his world spinning around. His love that he swore to protect died right in front of his eyes and all he could do was just sit and see her die in his arms. The rage inside him rose to unimaginable heights. the seemingly handsome face twisted around with rage and an unusual momentum started building around him. the Demons which were weaker around him turned in to mist of blood. He slightly placed his beloved down and stood up the pure blue sword glinted with blood. The charming blue eyes were filled with coldness that could freeze others just looking at them. He pointed the sword right at the army of heavenly demons and whispered in a spine chilling voice

"You should all die"

And the war god rushed forward splitting through the army although he may not able to come out alive. He would kill the majority of them here wishing that if he had another life he would become stronger and exterminate the enemies and protect his loved ones.


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