2 The Boy in the Valley

The northern side of the nine-star continent consisted of a large patch of forest area which was home to a large number of spirit beasts. The mountains situated ted near the forest were lush green throughout the year and the valley adjoining it was the home of the Li clan. Li clan was highly prosperous and had a history of almost 100 years. Although they were a very small clan in the earlier days until they soon expanded to become one of the most prosperous clans in the city of green cloud.

The green cloud city consisted of mainly 3 major clans which were considered powerful and one of them was the Li clan which rose to its prominence in the last 20 years. The city was lined up with various business ventures of the Li clan. The other 2 clans known as the Yun Clan and the Zhang clan were also powerful but they were consistently overshadowed by the Li clan.

Far away from the rush of the clan matters, there was a valley that was completely isolated in the Li clan. It was strangely silent like no one lived there, but looking closely a boy stood on the edge of the valley. He was standing there strangely silent and the breeze from the valley touched his long black hair and the white robe fluttered in the wind. The sunlight fell on his face making his already handsome face look divine.

Even leaves falling from the trees swept away in the wind when it neared the boy. People looking from far away felt that it was like a perfect painting that some immortal painted.

The boy seemed absent-minded gazing far away into the distance and his already handsome face showed a trace of maturity. After some time he looked up and frowned noticing the dark clouds spread across the sky.

It looks like it is going to rain soon. Hope it doesn't rain heavily again

He sighed and was about to return to his lonely residence situated in the middle of the valley when an irritating voice came from behind him.

"You seem to be enjoying your life, Li Yang. Just because the family doesn't bother you doesn't mean that you can freeload in the clan"

It was a boy of similar age that walked towards him. Li yang frowned at the sight of the boy. The boy opposite to him wore a black luxurious robe but was average looking unlike li yang but the pair of sly eyes made it disgusting to look at him.

Li yang ignored him and walked towards his residence which infuriated Li Zheng The boy opposite to him was always calm which made him look inferior to others.

"You, Very good, Just you wait when I become the next clan head, I will tear down your pathetic home and same time expel you from the clan like a dog, you bastard"

The boy walking towards the residence suddenly stopped.

"What? Now you want to fight me you useless cripple" Li Zhen was happy that he got the usually calm boy to react. What he was handsome than him it was all useless if he is a cripple.

The boy in front of him slowly turned around. The black eyes were sharp and the atmosphere around him plummeted as hell froze over. Li Zheng was unable to breathe all he could see were those two eyes which looked at him like an insect that was about to be crushed.

He took 2 steps backward in fear and the atmosphere returned to normal.

Li yang slightly narrowed and spoke very slowly.

"Li Zheng, Don't provoke me anymore or I will make you vanish like you never existed in the world"


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