16 The angry Yang Han and Li Yang leaves the Li clan

A boy in black robes was standing in front of an Elder who was looking at the boy with complicated eyes. He had not seen him in two years. Like he had promised him, He had lived in that valley for the last two years. Now he can see that the other party was ready to leave. One young and the other old was looking at each other completely silent. The grand elder sighed and said in a tired voice.

"It's time for you to leave, I know someone like you cannot stay here forever, But if you feel tired of the outside world, You can come here. Don't be a stranger to the Li family." The grand elder wanted to say some more things but looked at the boy in front of him. He could not say anything more. The boy in front of him and the Li family was not on the same level. For him, the Li family was just a Pit stop in his journey.

Who knew that many years after the Li family would be a sacred place for the cultivators in the world due to these significant years. Li yang smiled and then nodded to the Elder in front of him. For him, Li's family was not significant enough to help them grow. Even if the Li family grew, The plot would not change. He turned around and walked away without looking back.

He went back to the valley he used to stay and went inside his hut. He strolled around for some time and then finally came to the corner of the room. There was a black box placed there, He opened the black box and took out a mask. It was not a full mask but it can only partially cover his face. There was also a badge placed carefully in the box. He took the badge out and patted it gently.

He had not taken out this for more than two years. but now he had no choice to take it out. A lot of people don't know the meaning of this Badge. But the more powerful people used to shiver if they see this badge in front of them. The badge was black. With waves and a sword carved beautifully into a jade. He clenched the badge tightly in his hands and walked out of the hut along with the mask.

Suddenly his eyes narrowed and looked into the distance with a cold gaze.

"Who ?. Come out before I kill you" The sentence uttered by him was so cold that the surrounding temperature dropped. But soon it was relieved as an old lady slowly walked to him. She had a smile on his face, as well as her eyes, were filled with tears looking at him.

Li Yang's eyes became gentle looking at the lady in front of him and asked.

"When did you come?. Why did you come looking for me covering this great distance"

Grandma Yu looked at the boy in front of her and memories flooded in his mind. she was the one to look after him since young, Followed him wherever he went. From childhood to now, He was always cold, calculated to his enemies but facing his family he was always gentle.

She kneeled in front of him still tears flowing from her eyes and replied to him "Young master, Take me with you, It has been two years and I have been looking for you everywhere."

Li Yang shook his head and replied to her. "You should not intervene in this. The plan has already started. The pieces started moving and I have to finish this. This is the mission he gave me and this should also be my last mission"

Grandma Yu was sad hearing her young master calling his father like a stranger.

"Young master, Master is also not happy these days. He said that you can live peacefully if you want to, Not care about all these planning and plots of these inferior families. I can accompany you to live a peaceful life and we can move far away from here"

Li yang had a sarcastic smile on his lips, "He said that, Does he think I am a fool ?. He knows that I would not stand back and see the world falling into chaos. If that needs me becoming a killing god. Then I have to be ready for that. This was the last promise from me to my mother before her death"

Grandma Yu shivered at the momentum bursting out of her young master. Even though he did not have the cultivation like before. The momentum is still there.

"But young master, It has been two years and your seals are going to be unsealed. It would be dangerous if you are alone. Please allow me to protect you until you can protect yourself. One day that is achieved, I will return and wait for your return in the Clan"

Li Yang thought for some time and then sighed. What she said was also true. If he is not careful enough he will die even before he can prevent the calamity from happening.

He nodded and agreed to her request but reminded her solemnly.

"Only come out if it is a very dare situation. Otherwise, you should be hidden. My identity should not be exposed. That is my only requirement for you"

Grandma Yu was ecstatic in her heart. She nodded his head and agreed to his request without any objection.


Yang Han clutched the letter tightly in his hands. His face was mixed with confusion and Fury. He was informed that The Li family was the winner of the competition. This confused him. How could the Li family win?. He had been ready to go to the Li Family while they are helpless to have them agree to his terms. Now that the Li family had won the competition there was nothing he could do anymore.

Thinking about the person above him his face became paler. This time he was finished there was no way for him to avoid punishment. He thought about ways to decrease the impact on him. He should do something that would keep the person above him busy.

Inheritance, That's it. What would happen if this information is spread to the capital. The person above him would have no time to come and look for him. Thinking about his plan, He felt it was more and more agreeable. He hastily summoned and whispered something to the servant.


Some days later,

Lu Yan and Li Yang were sitting in an Inn with the latter looking out observing the citizens going on about their own lives. Lu yan narrowed looking at the information in the letter. She crushed the letter and threw it away.

Li yang looked at the girl in front of him and casually asked her.

"What made the great young lady angry?. " Lu yan looked at the irritating fellow in front of her and scowled her lips.

"The information about the inheritance has been spread all around the country. Now all the monsters in the cultivation world are going to flock here. That bastard Yang Han is an idiot. Why would he be foolish enough to do this? This is like giving our food to someone else to eat.

She clenched her wrists and smacked the table in anger.

Li Yang heard this and narrowed his eyes. He shook his head and thought in his heart.

Even if others come, it is useless. The inheritance is not something destined for them. Fate is not something a bunch of ants could change.

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