6 Li Yang Helps the Li Clan

A sword pierced through the water making a swish sound cutting the waterfall into two. The momentum of the sword died down and a beautiful face came into view. It was a jade-like face but now it was coated with a little bit of sweat due to exertion. Lu Yan flicked the sword and the water droplets present in the sword disappeared and with another flick, the sword entered the scabbard gracefully. She had been practicing for 10 days in the valley but still, she could not improve her sword cultivation. She knew that her cultivation has reached a bottleneck. Every time she swung her sword, she could feel that she was missing something, something profound that was still outside of her grasp.

She sighed and flew down to the ground, she looked around the valley and saw Elder Su Flying towards her, something firmly clutched in her, and from the nervous expression on her face, Lu yan could understand that something bad has happened.

Elder Su hurried to her Young Lady and showed the letter with a respectful bow.

"Young Miss, our spies in the city have sent this letter. I didn't want to disturb young miss's cultivation so I could only delay giving this to you

Lu Yan looked into the content of the letter and gradually a disdainful smile formed on her lips.

"Yang Han, what is that trash doing here? Is it not enough that I beat him in the capital? Why did he run all the way here to get beaten" Lu yan knew Yang Han from the capital, The young master of the Yang Clan, although a prestigious clan in the capital, He was not even eligible to carry her shoes and this kind of scum wanted to court her? It is not she despises common people but this Yang Han was insidious and cruel. The common type of person who smiles at you and then stabs you in the back.

One day he came to her and wanted to court her but she beat him until his family could not even recognize him, but startled her was that he would not give up and still followed her to this countryside. She shook her hands dismissing the news and was about to go up and train again but was stopped by the next sentence from Elder Su.

It seems that he didn't come here specifically for the young miss. He has been staying in the city tower and then took a trip to the Yun and Zhang Families, I think he is plotting against the Li Family

Lu yan turned around and looked at the contents of the letter again, "Oh He wants to eliminate the Li family with the tournament. Interesting, But Naïve"

Elder Su has a confused look on her face looking at her Young Lady and she carefully asked.

"Why would this Yang Han target the Li Family, it is not even worthy to be destroyed in front of him, but he came all the way here and even plotted this much, I don't really what he is thinking

Lu yan looked at the deep valley in front of her and then a smile formed on her lips.

"This is not his plot, this is my cousin's brother, He is the one behind the scenes, Yang Han is a chess piece he is moving around and his final goal is not the Li family" The smile on her lips disappeared and the face became cold. The momentum rose from her body, so she was not the only one who knew about the valley.

Elder Su was still confused, although she was stronger than the beautiful young lady in front of her when it comes to intelligence and wit, she could not hold a candle in front of this fairy, looking at the confused expression of the old lady in front of her she could only explain herself,

"I came here for the Sword emperor's inheritance, do you think the information I got was a coincidence, If I am correct all the brothers got the same information and all of them are planning how to get the inheritance. What her cousin's brother wanted was to avoid a battle with the elders of the Li family, although they were not strong enough, the elder cousin's guards were not that powerful so he could only plot against them

The first part of the plan is making the Li family take a step back, and for that, he used the alchemist association and the two families, When the Li family is embarrassed and loses the resources in the tournament, Yang han will make contact with them and talk about the valley, Probably the condition will be exclusive right to use the valley and to shut down the valley from others

Elder Su could only open her eyes wide as she listened to the detailed plan being analyzed by her young lady. Her level of respect once again rose and could only be happy that the young lady in front of her was family, think about this intelligent lady being your enemy, just thinking about it sent a shiver along her spine.

But both of them were interrupted by a little chuckle behind them, both of them were vigilant and looked back. They saw a familiar face walking towards them, He had an extremely handsome face, Jade-like features, his white robes swayed in the wind, in his hand was the same blue gem fitted sword. As he walked towards her, Lu yan could see the appreciation in his eyes towards her. It was not lustful or an impure gaze, this was a pure appreciation for her intelligence.

"Oh, why does this young master have time to come and talk to us, If I remember correctly, you said that I was disturbing you during your rest. " Although Lu Yan didn't like men looking at her, she still was a fairy-like woman, this guy in front of her didn't even look at her properly when they first met and treated her like a nuisance, which beautiful woman would like that.

Li Yang smiled and walked towards, Aye, this woman holds grudges, that's why I have always stayed away from women, They are hard to please, He came in front of them and smiled.

"How about helping the Li Family this time, with your connections in the city it would only be a piece of cake to help them" Li yang looked at her and then at the elder who was staring at him.

Lu yan smirked and looked at the boy in front of her, for a person who had no cultivation he was too calm and confident like the world was under his feet. She wanted to find out where the confidence comes from, Helping the Li family, which was a separate issue, why would she save the family without any benefits.

Li yang laughed seeing the expression on her jade-like face "are you thinking why would I save the Li family if you don't get any benefits

Lu yan took a step back and her eyes widened, What the hell, how did he know that?

Li yang walked around her and came towards the valley, he looked down and dropped a stone towards the bottom of the valley,

"If you help the Li family, I can take you to your inheritance, what do you say?"

Li Yang snapped his hands and the sword rotated in his hands then he turned around and looked at Lu Yan.

Lu yan instantly took a step back and removed her sword from the sheath,

"How do you know about the inheritance, only a handful of people know about it, who are You?

Li yang just shrugged his shoulders and leaned back against a tree and spoke

"I will tell you if you decide to Help me, what do you say, you help me and I will help you become strong as well as destroy the plan of the enemy

What she Didn't know was this was one of the first steps of the boy who disappeared 3 years ago after massacring a whole village. The gentle smile on his face hid a cruel past.

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