1 gate

(I see a giant gate)

(Thought):The logical thing would be to think about were I am and what just happened but who cares about that lets go.

Old man: I see you aren't one to hesitate

(Thought): wait there's someone else here.

Me: Sorry old man but may I ask who you are?

Old man: I am the gate.

Me: Metaphorically or literally?

Old man: If you want think of the literal im just an old man sitting in front of a gate, but that doesn't matter, think for a second about who you are.

Me: Well that's easy im me

Old man: Then give me a name

Me: Ok...

Old man: Yup thought so, if it helps think of your life as a game give your character a name or better said give yourself a name.

Me: Yeah, can you choose one for me?

Old man: Oh come on! You haven't even given yourself a second to think.

Me: Well usually a parent names a child right, well sense I cant remember the name my parents gave me why not have you name me after all I don't even remember what I look like.

Old man: Ken.

Me is that the name you've chosen?

Old man: That's the only one I could think of

Me: Well I guess I don't have any problems with it after all I did ask you what to name myself.

Old man: Now before i send you past this gate ask me three question.

(Thought): well what would i need to know past this gate.

(Old man's thought): So, this kid can actually think.

Me: First were am I.

Old man: if you ever need to know that just hold out you hand and like your holding something like you would a phoned.

Me: ok? what will that do.

Old man: just do it

(Old man's thought): For someone like this i feel like a game format might be the best.

Me: ok

(As I hold out my hand a phone appears out of thin air.)

(thought): well just from that i know that doesn't happen on earth so im definitely nowhere on earth.

Me: So I know im dead I remember that much from my life and just from this phone im guessing im no longer on earth

so what us this the afterlife or what.

Old man: well have you heard of reincarnation.

Me: Yes

Old man: well its basically that after your death on earth you can live a prosperous life here one question left

Me: Danm it I didn't mean for that last bit to be a question. Fine last question, what kind of world am I going into.

Old man: As you might have guessed there is magic in this world but other than that its a world just like yours everyone lives there life when you grow up you work to make a living with honest work some choose crime over work when your young you go to school although here your technically an adult at 15 years old so you can choose to keep doing school to get a higher education.

Me: all of this just sounds like a video game.

Old man: Yes for you it will seem just like a game but remember for everyone else its just there normal life. Now with the abilities you've gained from reincarnation you can think of this as a video game if you do i would suggest becoming hunter.

(after saying his last word i got sent into unfamiliar territory a dense forest with no one around)

Me: sounds awe- guess that's all the old man had to say, I didn't get his name.