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Shizuka Oemura was a Japanese Tokyo girl who had an unfortunate past. Losing both of her parents, Shizuka managed to overcome life's challenges and becoming a successful woman but none of her luxuries can replace her family. While driving on one saturday afternoon, Shizuka got caught up in a car accident and unfurtunately lost her life. Destiny throws another surprise at her when she suddenly woke up in a new world, a new family and a new identity. She was reborn as Alice Veronica Goldenhart, the princess and heiress of one of the most powerful kingdoms in existence, the Goldenhart Kingdom. Cry and laugh as she gets caught up in revenge plots, monster rampages, troublesome nobles, murders and many more in her new life in a new world. Date created: July 27, 2018 Language:English Genre:Fantasy, Comedy, Action, Romance, Drama